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Wholesale Properties International

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 3440 Toringdon Way #205
Phone 800-535-1230

Wholesale Properties International Reviews

  • May 5, 2016

He told me that the cost would be $1820 which would be refunded should they fail to provide me with a investor. Well, after months of trying to get me refund returned to me, and numerous call with Carl, nothing was ever done. Carl told me that my check was in the mail, then he told me that the businss had changed over, then he told me to be patient, then he told me that he was wating for approval to send the check, then he told me that the check was approved and then he told me that the company only sends out check once a month. Then he said he's trying to get me my refund. These conversation went on for 4 months weekly. Finally, I informed Carl that I will hire attorney to obtain my refund, he told me that he does have to speak with me, but he was, and I should be greatful, he further told me that if an attorney was to call, all they would be able to get his him and nothing more, I asked him for the contact number of the department handling the refunds, he told me that he would not provide me with such number. Carl Ferrell told me many lies, from the check was in the mail to in takes several weeks to be be received, he even pretended to verify my address for mailing purposes. This company is a scam, all I wanted was my refund, because they were not able to do what they said they could do, and yet I'm only given the run around. Honestly, is the best policy this company Wholesale Properties International is not on the up and up. They will take your money, promise you a refund and not deliver services or your money back.

Since December 14, 2015, I've been trying to get my refund from WPI, only to get the run around. It's not May, and even today, I have not received my refund, or a phone call from WPI. In September of 2015, I provided WPI with a total of $1820, this amount was suppose to get WPI working on securing me a loan from my restaurant. According to Carl Ferrell the supposedly representative for WPI, he promised that if they could not secure me funding that my money will be refunded to me with no problems.

Since they could not assist me getting funding, in December of 2015, I requested my money back. Each week, I would contact Carl only for him to give me an excuse. I was told in December that he was on vacation, but my refund was coming, then the first week of January, I called again, Carl told me that the department handling refunds will be send me a check. Then the second week in Jan. I called again, Carl told me that he thought I was calling because I received the check. I told him no that the check had not come, he told me to be patient, because it's in the mail. I waited a another week, the last week of Jan. Carl said the check was mailed again.

Now where in Feb. of 2015, I called Carl again, he said that the company had converted over and my check will be coming, but they only send out checks once a month. Then I called on Feb. 11th and Carl said that he had spoken with the department and he was waiting on a signature to release the check. I called back again on Feb. 18th and Carl again said the check was in the mail, I gave it a few days. I called back on Feb. 26, and Carl said that he had to call over to the department and is waiting for them to call him back. He would call me back in the morning, well morning never came, because I never heard from Carl. So on March 3rd, I called Carl again he said they are waiting to send out the payment, it should have been at my home already, then he wanted to verify my address, which we did. He said ok, everything is good, a check should be in the mail.

On March 9th, I called again, no Carl, and no check. I called again on March 15th and Carl said they are waiting for aurthorization number of some sort, but the check should be ready for mail. On March 28th Carl said he's waiting to hear back from the department. I asked him for the number so that I could call the department handling my check because I was sick and tired of hearing that the check was in the mail, Carl said NO they don't give out numbers to departments. I told him that I would contact an attorney, Carl replied if your attorney wants to get involved he can, but he's only going to be told to deal with the agent. Carl further stated to me, that he has been nice in speaking with me, but he doesn't have to. I told him that all I wanted was my refund as promised upon initial contact, he said you'll get your $1800, but you have to be patient. Well it wasn't $1800, it was 1820, and I still want it.

I've been very patient, since December of 2015, I've requested my refund and to this day I have not received anything, not even a phone call indicating that my money is in the mail. The lies are real, this company takes your money, promises a dream and when they don't deliver, they don't honor anything that they say they can or will do. I apologize Carl is a liar, and I don't like to say that about a person, but for weeks/ months he has told me that my refund was in the mail, and then they had to get authorization permission, he confirmed my mailing address, and again told me that the check was in the mail. Only for nothing to be in the mail from WPI. People be aware, this company is a scam, when I reported them to the BBB, they refused to reply to them, unfortuantely for me, there's nothing else the BBB can do but keep this report on file. But I want my money back, and that's all I ever requested.

I need help, I want justice for myself and others who are scammed by this company. In fact, when I checked the BBB compliant file, I noticed that after I filed a compliant, so did another person, and the complaint was for the same thing just weeks afterwards.

This is not RIGHT! This Company needs to be Stopped! Put on Blast and held accountable for their actions.... I want my money back, and I'm willing to go to court, I'm willing to go to the TV news in any town and let people know about this Wholesale Properties International.

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