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Wholesale Merchant Processing, Inc.

Country United States
State Oregon
City Beaverton
Address 11000 SW Stratus St #150
Phone 800-953-6764

Wholesale Merchant Processing, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2016

We first met with a representative of this credit card processing company in January 2011. They were offering to lower our rates for credit card processing and told us to fill out their paperwork to get the quote. We have been in business for years and this seemed to be standard practice so we thought nothing of it. About one week later we received a notice of decline. That was fine with us and we continued working with our current processor. About three weeks later we received in the mail a credit card terminal. We contacted them and they told us to send it back. We did. We never heard anything more from them.

We had notice a withdrawal every month and thought it was our new insurance payment until we received a quarterly bill from our insurance company. We then wondered what this other charge every month was for if not for our insurance as we thought. When looking into it we discovered that it was this FNBO taking a fee out. We had never received any service from them including getting a statement. We also sent written notice to Todd Mccartney on February 16 2011 requesting cancellation all services from his company...This people are crooks... It has been over two months that we have been trying to resolve this matter. So far this company stole over $400.00 from us. Do not ever work with this company... Our next step will be going to court to get back what is stolling from us...

  • Oct 6, 2016

Our company is a small local trade contractor. A customer of ours paid us via credit card. After depositing the money into our account, they requested several pieces of documentation to back up the transaction. We have provided a copy of the original signed credit card slip, a copy of the invoice signed by the customer, and a notarized letter from our customer stating her satisfaction with the work we did and that there is no dispute.

In spite of that, they continued to hold over $6k of transactions from other customers while their "fraud department" worked on this. "dan" in their fraud department treated us like criminals and refused to tell us anything about the status of our account. He kept demanding more extensive documentation with every call. Everything came to a standstill when he requested that the customer send in a copy of driver's license and credit card showing the full front of the card.

BBB and the oregon attorney general's office against wmp, our customer was not about to hand over that information. We were told that we would have to wait for a 6-month review period to end. That 6-month review was up months ago. I spoke with a customer service rep who said they are now working with a new fraud department. I have tried making contact with the fraud department so many times. The one phone number that they have always goes to voicemail and invites the caller to fax information in. I have faxed requests for contact several times. I have also left many voicemails. I have not heard from a fraud department representative in months. I have even attempted to contact other staff members within wmp only to be ignored or passed on.

Starting in august 2011 i tried to cancel our account with wmp. The first certified letter i sent to an address that was given to me by a service rep. It was returned undeliverable. I called again to get a different address and this one was delivered - however, when i followed up a month later, nobody in the office could find any trace of it. Conveniently enough, at that time they flagged our account to be closed due to unresolved activity with the risk department. When they did this, they charged a $250 early termination fee, according to the sales rep, "becuase the contract term isn't up". I challenged her on this, and she backstepped and said that she would correct the charges if i sent a copy of my bank statement showing the fee We were out of contract years ago and as such, only a month-to-month customer). I sent this information three times and still have not been credited this $250 fee - let alone any of our $6k+.

In my last conversation with customer support, they forwarded the following response from the risk department: "due that this account got closed until october merchant will be available for review 180 days after the closure. Merchant is available for review in april of this year. Please advise" what in the world does that mean? Based on that email, the rep offered that it looks like we will have to wait until april 2012 to hear anything on the status of our $6k. April will be 1 full year from the date of the transaction.

At every step they have continually lost papers and i have re-sent them. I have not even been able to get confirmation from anyone in their fraud department that they have received everything i sent in. I have tried everything i can with these people, and the next step is the attorney general's office, followed by possibly hiring an attorney. I hope it does not come to this, and i hope they will make good on things. But until then i have to do something to be heard, as they have made a regular habit of ignoring us and all the others who have been wrongfully treated by this company.

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