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Wholesale Merchant Processing

Country United States
State Oregon
City Beaverton
Address 1000 SW Stratus St Suite 150
Phone (800) 953-6764

Wholesale Merchant Processing Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2016

First of all how in the hell are these guys still allowed to work in the financial field at all ???? This place is nothing but a bunch of crooks and fraudulant people working for these companies. Smart Choice Payments , First Choice Payments , aka Wholesale Merchant Processing inc etc . They have all these other names that they hide there fraudulant activities. I signed up with these guys with the hopes of saving money off my current credit card processing bill , but what i ended up with was a monthly lease payment for equipment i had to pay for at $89 per month for 48 months. Now why in the hell would i need to pay for a monthly lease fee on equipment when most places offer free equipment. The sales representative promised me a savings of over $132 a month. He said that in order for me to get these lower rates i would have to use there piece of equiment which will allow me to qualify for lower rates. But when i got my first bill i noticed the rates were even higher than my other processor i had. So not only was my monthly bill higher for credit card processing. But now i was forced into this lease which has a monthly cost of $89 . What a total scam this place is. I have called several times to ask for a refund , some guy names George says he will call back but then never does. After doing some extensive research i came accross several other postings from individuals who have been scammed by the same person and companies. This scam has to stop and we need to put and end to this type of thing from continuing to happen. These guys are lying to people daily in order to get them to sign up for the service. Why arent these guys in Jail yet ?? How can law enforcement continue to allow these crooks to steal peoples money ??????

If you or anyone you know has been scammed or ripped off by any of these companies, Wholesale Merchant Processing inc , First Choice Payments , Smart Choice Payments , Northern Leasing , Todd McCartney , please contact me as we are forming a large class action lawsuit against these folks. Save all of your paperwork and documents, they will be very helpful in court.

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