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Wholesale Electronics & Furniture

Country United States
State New York
City Jamaica
Address 165-21 Jamaica Ave
Phone 718-206-4909

Wholesale Electronics & Furniture Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2016

So on November 21 I was walking on Jamaica ave this guy from Whole sale Electronics & Furniture approaches me and tells me that there are having ah special sale everything cost $40 I was so overwhelmed that I went into the store without you realizing that it was false advertising, as I go on I purchased a PlayStation 4 without and realize that it was Leased under a contract, roughly a PlayStation 4 cost $320 now the store was selling the PlayStation 4 for over $1,000 it was a huge rip-off so November 22nd 5:43 p.m. I went back to the store with my older brother and I tried to return the item, before I went to the store I called in and told the salesman that I was returning the item one of the sales person told me no problem just come in with my receipt I was like okay. When I reached into the store I went up to the front desk and told them that I would like to return this PlayStation 4, now an employee came to me and said no problem I'll have to pay 25% and that's what my older brother said why does he have to pay 25% why don't you just give him back his money and take back your merchandise that's when the manager comes and says that I am under contract and he's not required to take back their merchandise now under the contract is says I can return the the PlayStation 4 and only pay $20 to end the lease to cancel the contract now the manager is trying to go around in circles and being rude and giving me and my brother attitude so the maneger threw the paper in our faces and said that he will see us in court we said no problem cuz it is under here, under the contract that you have to return the merchandise I haven't purchased the merchandise more than 24 hours. I am only 19 and I am a naive kid I did not know I was getting myself into but I have customer rights and it says here under the contract that I am eligible to return the merchandise and get back a refund my mother to a contract to NYPD and a police officer look over the contract he said I am eligible to get a refund and I am eligible to return the merchandise the matter of fact is wholesale electronics and Furniture get nothing but a rip-off and scammers they do not treat their customers fairly and and the manager and his employees are really disrespectful I think they should be closed on the business because they are only robbing people of their money and scamming people out of money and doing false advertising I am going back there tomorrow November 23rd with the police my lawyer and my mother and both my brother and my auntie if we do not get a refund we will be taking wholesale electronics and Furniture to court

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