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Whole Latte Love

Country United States
State New York
City Rochester
Address 2200 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd
Phone 1 585-924-7170

Whole Latte Love Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

On July 9, 2020, I received a Gaggia espresso maker for $449.00 purchased through Amazon with the company, (Rochester, NY) who is a third-party seller. It was not on sale, nor on clearance, it was the full price.

On October 10, just 90 days later, it stopped making espresso. After reading the manual and consulting the Internet, it would not restart. I consulted the manual, looked online, and did everything I could, but it would not restart.

I contacted Amazon, but they told me to contact the seller, I contacted Wholelattelove and explained that my machine was defective and requested a refund. They refused. They said that that they only stand behind their products for 30 days. On day 31 a defective product is not eligible for a refund. When I said an espresso machine should last more than 90 days, they said they would not give me a refund because their products breaking down after 90 days was "industry standard."

On the phone I tried to troubleshoot the malfunction with Wholelattelove's technician, who said that the machine was indeed a dud and there was a problem with the central processing unit. He told me I needed to ship the expresso maker to them, and my own expense, and he would see if perhaps he might be able to fix it -- but no guarantees. The cost would be an additional least $100, and it was unlikely that they would be able to fix it at all.

The espresso machine I bought was defective, and the technician at WholeLattaLove confirmed that. An espresso machine that break after 90 days is not an "industry standard" product, it is a defective product.

WholeLattaLove is selling defective products and refusing to stand behind them.

I would like a refund of my purchase price of $449.00, and I would like you to investigate WholeLattaLove's business practices. They should not be allowed to sell products defective products that break after 90 days, and if they do, they should refund people for these defective products.

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