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Country United States
State Ohio
City Mount Vernon
Address 2021E. College Way #101

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  • May 30, 2018

In October I had hired a company to redo my roof. The company that originally came out here was not working in a timely manner and owner was having a hard time keeping his employees on the job they completely tore my roof off and at that point I had fired that company because it was taking too long. This is when I hired Antonio Villarreal with the owner of Jet improvements to come in and just add my new roof on. He gave me an estimate we came to an agreement on price what it would cost cents majority of the work had already been done with the the tear off. I have receipts because all material and extra material had been purchased with a credit card that I was going to need to do my complete tear off and reroof my house. If I thought that he was a responsible company owner who did good work I trusted Antonia Valerie oh with my home.

Due to the weather being so bad in October in dealing with a family crisis I trusted him more than what I should of and really didn't know too much about Roofing and I thought that he had done a good job just by looking from the ground up. I thought it was weird that I had for extra pieces of plywood sheets of plywood left over didn't think nothing about it I bought extra material so I figured this was right so I took the four sheets of plywood and put them in my basement . It wasn't until a couple months later when I had noticed after all the snow had melted off of my flat roof which is located off of my main bedroom it's kind of like a balcony area right there was not right something was wrong I noticed it right off the same divots holes and indents where I had prior leaking issues was all still there the only thing different about my flat roof was a new piece of rubber across the top. There was all kinds of lines and it wasn't pulled or put on right it was wrinkling up and it's a horrible mess as me and other family members inspected the roof we also noticed that debris from when they were doing the tear off on the top roof old shingle was falling down onto the flat roof and you can clearly feel it and see it through the rubber roofing where they never even picked it up or even replace the wood on my flat roof they just threw the new rubber roofing that I bought over the top of all this garbage.

After realizing that they did not do this I really became suspicious. I started contacting him and asking him could he please come look I know that something's not right. he insulted me several times saying that if I knew so much about Russ I should have done it myself etc etc it goes on the insults do. So then my uncle brought me a ladder had me climb up into the attic to take pictures and videos when I got up into my attic it was a nightmare reality set in. I was took a single mother who's on limited income who had to originally borrow money and get a loan to get the roof redone in the first place was took for a long ride. I'm devastated not only did I lose my grandmother during the crisis but now I've learned that I have been took basically feeling like I've been robbed put back into frantic mode and I have more house damages due to the roofing job. as I entered the attic I could see sunlight shaded with a blue glow. I want from one Peak which is the back of the house to the front of the house Peak what damage everywhere and also no one of my vents were placed up there they left a tarp Andre just put new shingles over a blue tarp. I only noticed maybe two sheets of plywood that I had purchased Up on the Roof in which I had purchased several several sheets of new plywood because all the estimates that I have received said that I had several sheets up there that need to be replaced it a lot of the wood was bad. They left a huge mess in my yard huge mess in my neighbor's yard on both sides and a huge huge mess that took me 8 hours to clean up out of my attic floor.

After several attempts of trying to contact Antonia Valeria to come correct the mistakes he has basically said that I damaged the roofs impossible scared of heights. I believe that you took advantage of me because not only was it really cold and rainy nasty weather during the time that I needed the roof put on but I am a single mother and I think you seen me coming and he never never assumed or imagined that I'd be so eager to go up in the attic and check everything out. I believe he came franek himself after knowing that I was not retarded or dumb in notice right off hand that something was not right with my balcony roof the flat roof. I desperately need help in fighting this issue and I hope and pray that there's not too many other people that he has done this to or may do in the future.

At first I was slightly embarrassed and ashamed that I allowed this company to overtake advantage of me and my children. this roof job that was not done correctly has not only affected me mentally physically and emotionally but it has affected my house and cause more damage in my interior of my home. The chimney is now leaking because it was not flashed right my floors and walls up against the chimney wall has been shifted at least five in off of my floor boards. I have a huge crack in my dining room wall against the chimney wall and huge leaking around the base of the chimney in my basement. Me not being a professional I could have more damages and I'm not sure of exactly what to look for but the things that I have noticed are very very noticeable. these are damages that I could prove that we're not there until after this roof job. I listed my house for sale in October before my grandmother had got sick around the beginning of October I think it was realtor came in and took pictures of my home the chimney wall areas were not damaged at all and now I'm petrified because I have extra damage and extra cost and I have no way of paying for none of this. I took everything that I had to do the roof in the first place and now I'm ending up with more damages things that I cannot afford on a set income. I believe that Antonia Valerie all the owner of Jet improvements should be held accountable and responsible for his actions and his crew members actions. I've not properly Roofing my home as they were paid to do so and to be held accountable and responsible for all damages after the fact that they said they were complete with my roof.

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