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Who Got Arrested

Country Vanuatu
City Toronto, Ontario

Who Got Arrested Reviews

  • Mar 3, 2018

Google actually said this website is registered through them funny how it does not show up on bing or yahoo. Only in the united states can google operate so freely in displaying wrong and illegal information as this would have been illegal in the entire civilized world. The right to be forgotten exists in the eu. Sad that one has to be european instead of american to have greater privacy rights. But google and most corporations love this unlimited freedom of speech they have. Only in america do non-entity websites and corporations have more rights than individuals. Most freedoms only exist as a farce for people to make money which is why these websites continue to operate. Google and facebook claim to be for freedom of speech but this is only so they can scam and bolster their profits on anything that gets clicked on the most as well as helping violate everyone’s privacy and lives behind the scenes in relations with other institutions. Funny how everything you search for google knows about and further propagates these sites to the first page. Because of the lack of data privacy this along with defamatory websites can most freely occur in the united states. If you complain to google they will only move this site to the first pages. Funny too isn’t it. More and more people know the truth, the days of those in power are dwindling in case anyone hasn’t noticed, google is holding the world hostage through it’s "algorithms” along with policies in the united states that only benefit scum and extortionists. Individuals have freedom of speech too^ which does not apply to defamatory or extortional websites, but more people can band together and show what is really going on. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS EXPOSE those in power. EXPOSE google’s real crooked and fascist operations along with these websites! We know everything and who is behind it! You have been finished for the last couple years! Boycott GOOGLE as they do not respect the right to be forgotten or the right to privacy, only for themselves! But they sure respected it when the eu court said so and got whipped! This website cannot even exist in the european union! We will not give up to those weak p**** b**** dorks hiding behind computer screens as the last power they can only hold on to! People have given court documents to google and they still will not take mugshot websites down, because they make money from them everytime they are clicked! Google aint s*** and neither is this website. Whoever is behind these websites and propagating them and google as an accessory cannot even look me in the eye or see me in the street. How tough do you feel now?

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