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report scam

Who Am I? Josie Guillen

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 4164 Brockton Ave
Phone 951-534-2744

Who Am I? Josie Guillen Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2017

I hired Josie Guillen at Who Am I located in Riverside, California in September for my supervised visits. Since that time, I have had various run ins with her. Her monitors have been excellent however, which is a bummer because of how unpleasant Josie is to deal with.

Over 6 months I have paid thousands of dollars, and have time and time again been, talked down to, yelled at, hung up on, belittled and ignored. Not a single report (she over charges me according to her own contract by $50) has been filled out on time and it has cost me in court as one didn't get filed in time. She failed to report to CPS my child informing her that she was being hit as well.

She has shown up to my home, yelling and screaming at me and demanding my emotional support neutral third party leave, accusing me of not really needing her (I suffer from extreme anxiety and PTSD) and when I asked her to please not yell at me and to the point of tears, stormed out of my home without resolving the matter.

Most recently, Via telephone, she hung up on me 6 times in one conversation, when I needed to ask her if I still had a monitor, and tried to work out the problems we were having, which is when she began repeatedly telling me I was pathetic and "drama", and that talking to me was a waste of money and time. She literally told me I would never see my daughter in my home again because I had forced her to have to talk to my ex husband due to my 10 pound dog scratching my daughter during a visit, and informed me she would not give me the visitation report that I had asked for on February 7th, which is now overdue. She flat told me "you have no power. I do. I control your visits and what goes on. You say a word and I'll fire you, and your ex husband is so bad NOBODY will work with you and you'll never see your daughter again. I'm doing you a favor, you should be grateful I am helping you. I don't need you, you need me", I don't even believe that you're a disabled veteran, and so forth until I was hysterical before she hung up again.

As of this moment, over the past 3 weeks, she has delivered HALF a retaliatory report filled with her personal opinion of me and my "too small" home, without signatures and with random hand written papers- useless to court.

Additionally, as I have filed complaints against her and she is being investigated by multiple agencies, she tried to BLACKMAIL me into writing a letter absolving her of any wrongdoing to get my "report". She LITERALLY told me "I never screamed or hung up on you. I didn't say that. You're imagining that." instead of giving me a simple apology.

When that didn't work, she then tried to send me unsolicited previous reports and emails, telling me "I don't have time, I need you to do whatever you need to do to make a report you like, and then sometime I'll stop by and sign it".

When I refused, as this is illegal, she SHOWED UP TO MY HOME AT 8PM UNINVITED to try to force me to take a thumbdrive full of unsigned reports to "chop and edit to make whatever report you want", while still not giving me the receipt for the HALF REPORT she gave me, as she "forgot". When I asked why she wanted ME to create this fraudulent report, first she said she didn't have "cut and paste" on her computer. Next, she didn't have time, as she has OTHER reports to do.

She refused to say any of this is text or email, which I thought was extremely odd, and only said it via phonecalls. She literally WIGGED OUT when I explained to her that as a Latter Day Saint, I cannot participate in ANY activity of , questionable legality.

I have given this woman EVERY opportunity to correct this matter, offering to drop the complaints if I can just get the corrected report, to which she has promised and then not fulfilled for 3 weeks.

Additionally, during her "monitoring services", my daughter reported ABUSE to her and she REFUSED to call CPS, saying it wasn't her job, even though it's IN THE CONTRACT TO REPORT ABUSE.

She ALSO has overcharged me for 3 other reports, all of them being extremely late to the point I have suffered in court for not having the report filed in time.

She is a liar, dishonest, vindictive, and will straight lie to you, rip you off, and then tell you it's your problem.

SHE IS NOT STABLE ENOUGH TO BE AROUND CHILDREN. Her behavior is extremely erratic, making me question her mental health as well as judgement AND sobriety- normal people don't wait in front of your house at 8pm to get you to do something ILLEGAL.

DO NOT HIRE HER, she is NOT interested in the safety of your child, only money.

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