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Whitman Publishing, LLC.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Pelham
Address 1960 Chandalar Drive, Suite E
Phone :1-800-546-2995

Whitman Publishing, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2017

My daughter and I were scammed. she wanted to purchase tickets to Book of Mormons. So she responded to an ad. This person told us that we would meet him and he would give us the tickets. When we got to the gas station, we were expecting this guy to be there. He wasn't so my daughter called him and he told her to use the bitcoin atm and he would walk her through the transition. We have never, seen this maching or any other machine like this.

So, she was guided through the process. She put in $50, $50, $50, $50, $50, and then the guy hung up on her. So, he got his money. I was robbed of #300. This guy earned over #2700. My daughter called is number and it was blocked. I pretended to a buyer and was told that he told me that he had tickets. He told me to meet him at the gas station. About 45 minutes later, I called him and told him that I had a minor accident. He persisted to persuade me. I told him that I lived in Mission Hills and it would be a little while. He never told me about the machine bitcoin. He led me to believe he would meet me. The I called him at the phone number he gave me and told him that my husband would meet up with him. At least he stopped calling me.

This person is a thief and he needs to be caught and charged for felony charges. He earned over $2700 on June He's done this to so many people and hasn't gotten caught.

I contacted Coinsource, Bitcoin and through email he shined it on. I told him that this thief is a felon and I asked Derek if that is his real name. I feel like he is a co-conspirator with Bitcoin and coinsource. I asked him if there is information on this person and address, etc.

Derek told me that they do no have any information. There's got to be some kind of information on this person who is running this scam. I text the text number of Bitcoin/coinsource.

It's doubtful that there isn't any knowledgeable information. May I please get some information regarding this criminal.

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