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Whitman Family Law

Country United States
State Michigan
City Traverse City
Address 124 North Maple Street
Phone 231.629.4700

Whitman Family Law Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2016

Melissa Whitman, Whitman Family Law in Traverse City, Michigan is a total rip off! She is NOT an expert in the field of law, especially divorce and domestic law. I hired her to do a simple divorce without minor children. She did minimal work and the work she did was substandard.

A divorce without children went on for almost a year because of her bolstering a position that was hers not mine. I repeatedly told Ms. Whitman to keep my personal financial information from opposing counsel. She did not. She failed to prepare and provide the proper documentation at mediation for my divorce. When she made a mistake, she charged me for her mistakes. She did not provide me with legal counsel, just forwarded complaints straight to me from opposing counsel. I was harassed to pay her in full without the final divorce documentation. I was duped and paid her invoice. Looking back I should not have paid her.

She is a terrible attorney.

Melissa Whitman did not represent me even minimally and she is a rip off. Do not hire her to do legal work she is not qualified!

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