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Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 82 Nassau Street , (Wall Street)
Phone 1-212-901-8616

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  • Apr 25, 2019

WhiteVox And Mr.Abhishek Varma Are Con Artists and Liars. Beware!

Overcharged Services. No, Follow through. Lazy and don't want to finish the work they charge you for.

After there all lies, Abhishek Varma offers me to suspend the contract with the company as the company is not able to deliver the results, and he knows someone who can do better and better work on my project with less amount that paying for company.

What a corrupt company and corrupt people working there. Some lies are below of them's.

Horrible people. Liars and salespeople. Con artists. Beware if you are NOT very familiar with websites, getting web traffic, or SEO or advertising, not very good with the web site, then took MONTHS to finally finish part of the job.

Abhishek Varma is Worst liar and truly dishonest person, I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to. They cussed at me when they were caught in their lies.

He talks about their clients and uses a lot of swear words if you catch them in their lies.

They DO NOT want to be ACCOUNTABLE for anything. They try to HIDE what they are NOT DOING.... They try to keep clients totally in the dark. They take advantage of people who are not familiar with websites, SEO, social media, and online advertising. Lots of talks. No, follow through.

If you have very little knowledge or experience, they will lie to you and take advantage of you. Beware - If you let them, they will STEAL YOU BLIND!!!

The company I worked for paid thousands of dollars, and they don't care.

They just wanted their money. The lies never end. They have excuses for everything. Too many lies. Very expensive lies if you let them get you into any contract.

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  • Apr 13, 2019

This company is fraudulently selling fee for service SEO and website solutions, with their fast-talking salesman abhishek varma, and the pitch they are quickly locking clients into watertight contracts for two years yet, once signed on the dotted line, failing to deliver the service clients believe they are paying for.

They are charging clients upwards of $40,000 per contract and taking immediate and aggressive legal action once the client realises the scam and tries to want to terminate the contract.

Before the client knows it, they are being taken to court for breach of contract despite the contract being written up in a way that enables WhiteVox to the delivery of no service whatsoever for their fees. There are even allegations of forging of signatures on direct debit forms, payments continuing to come out once the contract has expired and endless accounts of this company extorting monies from vulnerable small businesses.

Much of their 'client base" comprising vulnerable small business are now working their way through the legal system as a result of the sales push / legal pull activity undertaken by WhiteVox. We allege WhiteVox is making its way down to sign up victims, full knowing that within months of signing them up, there will be litigation initiated by their in house legal counsel, also, which is a scam. They are churning through lawyers concerned about their reputation once they understand their clients are corrupt.

They profess to have more than 150 staff, however, if you read the location of their 'staff' on LinkedIn you will see that these 'staff' are actually from all different parts of India, and are there as a 'borrowed' team to make WhiteVox look legitimate. Their website too, is impressive, again, making the whitevox outfit look authentic. Buyer beware.

We have formed the WhiteVox to assist the vulnerable victims, small family businesses, some of which may face bankruptcy as a result of this deplorable behaviour.

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