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Whitetail Heaven Outfitters

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Nicholasville
Address 2047 Hall Rd.
Phone 1-859-509-2704

Whitetail Heaven Outfitters Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2020

December Hunt

Book a Kansas hunt for December of 2020, was not contacted in time to apply for a nonresident license, therefore not able to hunt in Kansas because of there unprofessional operation. requested a refund and was denied, even though my contract states a December hunt.

  • Sep 9, 2019

under creminam indictment

Horrible outfitter. They over book by about 3 times. Trevis McCaualy appears to be under criminal investigation by KPWL. Also may have another problem. He is convicted felon killing an elk with a rifle. The reason he has good review is they delete the bad truthful ones. Trevis shafted one too many hunters. As many folks have discovered FB is bringing him down.

  • Sep 9, 2018

Whitetail Heaven Outfitters, scamsters

These guys are not respectful at all of their neighbors property. They hang stands right on the fence line and throw out massive piles of corn in order to draw deer off the neighbors property. When they are confronted about this, they say what they are doing is legal and refuse to move the stand. You would think that with 50,000 acres leased, they could find stand locations other than on their neighbors fence line.

How many hunters are not going to shoot a nice buck across the fence on the neighbors property, and if the deer is on their side of the fence on a field edge, where do you think the deer is going to run to after he is shot? I can tell you that most of the joining land owners will not grant permission for these guys to trail a deer on their property, simply because of their attitude and lack of respect. So, you have paid these guys to hunt and now you cannot trail a deer you just shot. Not cool.

They advertise that their land has been under strict management for years. The only management they do is throw out massive piles of corn trying to draw deer off the joining properties for their clients to shoot. They do not plant food plots. They do not shoot does. When the properties they lease quit producing, they drop it and move on the the next lease, simply raping these properties of our resource and leaving the local landowners to spend the next years trying to get the ratio back to where it should be.

I purposely hung a stand on my property 15 yards behind their stand on my fence line and hunted the stand every day during the first week of bow season. They put a different guy in their stand three out of the first four days of the season. On two of those days, the wind was blowing straight from the hunter to the corn pile, On the other day, it was blowing straight out into the bean field. What kind of guide is going to put you on a stand with the wind wrong like that. I never saw a single deer come to their corn pile. All three hunters watched me climb into my stand, and climb down when it was too dark to shoot in the woods, but with plenty of light still out in the field. I am sure those hunters were not happy. Yet they kept bringing different hunters to that stand.

By the way, the size limit they put on the bucks is to give the impression that they are all about management. The truth is, according to some of their past guides, it is all about collecting more money from the fines.

Bottom line, these guys are all about making a profit from the local people's resource, leaving us to clean up the mess when the properties quit producing for them.

Each of these hunters watched me climb into my stand and climb down when it was too dark for me to shoot in the woods,

  • Jul 12, 2017

A hunting outfit whitetail heaven outfitters tress passed on our little 11 acres, there web site says they have rights to over 50,000acres! They acted like bullies! They made me feel like I trespassed on there land! Lol!! I received a call from the owner saying you don't know who you fu*$ng with! I was caught off guard because my family only has a 11 acres! It turns out that the hunting company had bought the hunting rights surrounding our property and they decided we are going to hunt on your land too! So they get 2 properties for 1! Bullying! What am I supposed to do? Be careful with these guys! They acted liked they were on something alcohol or drugs? I don't know. Scary!!!

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