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WhitePages, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 1301 5th Avenue
Phone 2069735100

WhitePages, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2018

They have you pay 29.99 a year and dont give you access to criminal repoarts or any other basic information that others provide. So after I realized this after just a few mins of searching for someone their site shows you must pay additional charges of 14.99 and up for criminal background checks on people.

I called their customer service and told the representative that I just signed up but wanted to cancel. She was very manipulative about the process of cancelation and calm which makes me think she deals with it daily so she didn’t take offense to people getting angry. I told her I used the service for 4 mins then I called to cancel and get a refund.

First she said no refund then she insisted only refund 25.00 of the 30.00, so they were going to keep 5.00 for 4 mins of service? And that’s why they are a ripoff, the lady was super condensending to me.

  • Jun 19, 2018

On 5/3/18, i paid $1 to to look up a phone number. The number i got was wrong. I canceled the service within 2-3 days, but they billed my paypal account $19.99/mo for may and june, which is set up to withdraw funds from my bank account. I sent a support request on their website to ask them to honor the cancellation, but they ignored it.

Just now, i reported them to paypal for investigation. These people appear to me to be criminals who get access to one's payment method and ignore repleated demands to cancel the service. I should have paid by credit card, which would have allowed me to dispute the charges under harsher rules.

I want my money back: 19.95 x 2 = 39.90. I don't care about the original $1 charge, as that was the cost of a trial membership. Paypal has already begun the refund process while they investigate.

The company's telehone number is not usable for consumer-level subscribers and refers the caller back to the website to send them a message. Been there; done that.

I will never share payment information with an online company again without checking the yscam website first. I am counting on paypal to stop the monthly charges and get my money refunded.

Is our time worth anything? This is eating time that i cannot affor because of family medical demands and the need to work for a living. If small claims court would allow us to charge for the time it takes to clean up unethical companies' messes, i'd begin that process today.

  • Apr 24, 2018

First off, I had to sign up with just to have my personal information removed with the exception of my full name because that stayed active (this in itself isn't right). What's worse is that my name still comes up when you do a search online or within their website but the page it opens is mixed in with another person. The webpage has two sections, the first section has another person's name and links to purchase reports. When you hover over those links, it shows my name in the status box at the bottom. And if you click on the link, it will open a purchase page for that person and not me. The second section does show my name and links beside to purchase a report. When you click on the link, it opens up a page to purchase a report for another person. That's very deceptive and it gives the impression that I go by an alias (which I don't).

I contacted Whitepages customer service via email because their phone system doesn't give you that option anymore. Here's the response I got from their customer rep:

First Rep:

- First I was told that it would be removed immediately

- It was removed and nobody could find it online

- There's an error on the page but they'll look into it

- It would be fixed but there's no time limit on when that will happen.

- Asked me to send screenshots of the problem.

Second Rep:

- Another rep responded and she even didn't bother to read the previous emails (I had to explain again).

- We can't control what users search for, we won't block terms, we can't control what appears in the URL box.

- It's automated system, we can't remove it.

I did a WHOIS search on this company and here's the information I got:

  • Dec 5, 2016

I did the free trial on then before cancellation date submitted a form, they have NO emails and have no confirmation you submitted a cancel request fortunately I took a screenshot of cancellation, sure enough these relentless parasites try to bill me every month and I have to dispute it, their business model is to sneak in 1-2 or endless monthly $29! charges for a one time lookup, their information is also worthless and inaccurate, a complete waste of time and worse a headache having to dispute, cancelling my card number to get rid of this unethical company

  • Sep 18, 2015 publishes personal information without permission and blocks you from removing the information because the profile removal function on their website doesn't function and there is virtually no way to reach a person by calling the corporate number - each option leads to another message and ultimately you reach a message with a voice telling you there is no longer phone support.

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