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Whitening Coach

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Address 7565 Commercial Way, Unit E
Phone 1-855-740-8914

Whitening Coach Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2016

The total for shipping and all was $4.90. Then I was charged 93.41, from my bank account. I'm afraid they still have my debit card information.

  • Oct 13, 2016

This company poses as one. I did the free trial with Genuine White and just paid shipping and handling. However, I got two confirmation emails. One from Genuine White, another form Whitening Coach. I only filled out one online form, yet I now have two charges and two different products coming to my house. I called immediately to cancel. WC's phone number isn't even real, it sends you to a phone survey that leads you to believe if you answer questions about your household, you will get to a customer service rep. You do not. In fact, if you don't answer their questions or choose a button that isn't a choice like hitting 0 and praying for a human, they block your number from calling back!

So, I called Genuine White. I got a person with that one. I tried explaing my situation and he hung up on me. I called back, got another guy. I tried explaining my situation with the two charges and would like one dropped, blah blah. He simply starts talking over me saying I can cancel at any time just pay the $9.95 and keep the stuff. I'm like, wait, this is a free trial. Well, the "free trial" actually comes with a full version in the same box. So, in order to not be charged hundreds in recurring subscription payments, you have 10 days to carefully remove the trial pieces without damaging the packaging to the regualar size and pay for shipping to send it back. So I have 10 days from my order (it will probably take 2-3 to get it here from NV), open it, get it to the post office and ship it back 2-3 days. So, really you have like 3 days to turn it around or you'll miss the deadline and get charged unless you live near Henderson, NV. Or pay big expedited shipping costs. ALSO, I literally placed this order 15 minutes prior and he said he couldn't stop the shipment, that it was on it's way and it is not possible to just to stop the transaction. Seriously?

Anyways, I finally got him to cancel and give me an RMA number. I had to go online for the other one. Got that return number, too. Both products are going back to the SAME place 7565 Commercial Way, Unit E Henderson NV 89011. This company is horrible. I also notified my credit card company to block transactions from both of these companies. BTW the transactions appear as codes not the company names on your CC: NCWHITE*CHR8005635169 and SRGENU*NEMAX8003923087 Seems legit, right?

If you would like to experience true evil, here is the "customer service" phone number for Whitening Coach 1-855-740-8914

I hate myself for falling for this.

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