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WhiteLabel Pros

Country United States
State California
City Stockton
Address 6777 Embarcadero Dr. Suite #3
Phone (209) 477-7676

WhiteLabel Pros Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2017

This company claims and does host dozens of dating and sexual encounter sites.

They bombard you with uncontrolable ads and auto links. Most of the sites lead you to the same client photoes.

The photoes frequently do correspond to self discriptions. As well often the same pic will have diffeernt names and locations. At one point a pic was of a girl in a tropical setting at "home" near me, I live in north central US. They often push younger attractive girls when you listed older woman to contact. The so called woman clients cant contact you unless you pay but they repeatedly text, "want to have some fun tonight," or "I see you live near buy, want to come over" all is to get you to join at cost and then they dissappear or lead you to more expensive applications.

They are generally a sexchat for pay organization with dozens of girls coming on to each male. asking for online gifts, tokens, etc. All at a cost to the client. They brag about being able to create traffic for its customeers which are all sex encounter, chat, and cam sites, but so far not a dating site as advertised.

They should not advertise dates when they can't supply at any price. and never open correct ages.

Of course Whitlabel will claim they only host the other sites well... conspiracy to commit fraud is easier to prove than fraud.

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