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Whitehall Home Improvements

Country United States
State Alaska
City Huntington
Address 444 New York Ave
Phone 6319232903

Whitehall Home Improvements Reviews

  • Jun 11, 2016

They scammed my ill, elderly father into changing a $2000 job to an unnecessary $60,000 job while I was alseep. They ripped off tiles and roof tiles claiming everything was rotten underneath and the whole house had to be re-sided. Ripped open our roof when they were supposed to be repairing a door and some pillars. The roof is exposed now to the elements until someone else can repair it. They never covered it properly. A tarp with thin pieces of plywood blew off the the middle of the the roof. The first night when it rained they didn't cover it except for a think plastic,

Another contractor told us the job was spiked and charged 20,000 above a fair price. They use illegal workers. Ladders and debris and garbage were left everywhere including on the roof, things were thrown off the roof while they worked. It was horrific. This man, Michael J McGinely is horrific and vicious, he harrassed my elderly father while he had a fast hearbeat after he realized the scam that was purpetrated. My father paid $29,000 up front. We got back most of it by cancelling a check- the credit card company failed to cancel payment so they stole $10,000 of our money. We are filing complaints and fraud charges to get it back. We will sue if there is water damage and or if we dont' get our money back. I feel horrified to be maltreated this way, never had this happen in my life even with some shady contractors. This was a TOTAL SCAM BECAUSE HE CAME HERE WITH 6 PEOPLE TO FIX A DOOR AND SOME PILLARS. A COLD CALLER NAMED KATHY DOES THE FOOT WORK BY CALLING FOR FREE ESTIMATES. BEWARE AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IF YOU ENCOUNTER THESE PEOPLE.

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