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Whiteforest Bulldogs

Country Canada
City Mono, Ontario
Phone (416) 910.9890

Whiteforest Bulldogs Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2017

Beware! This man Mariton Manganaan is importing sick dogs from Budapest Hungary into Canada and selling them on Kijiji to Ontarions. I have spent $10,000 on the dog I purchased from him, and my dog is still paralyzed! There is a litany of complaints against White Forest Bulldogs and Mariton Manganaan - - a simple search of Google will lead you to the broken hearts and bank accounts of people that have purchased dogs from him. He sells the puppies from his Mono Ontario home on Kijiji to unsuspecting buyers. My dog that I purchased from him is paralyzed in the rear. Most of the puppies he has sold have congenital disorders or have had to been put down. He is on record with local veterinarians as well as the OSPCA as well as Caledon Animal Control Services as well as Pierson International Airport in Canada where imported dogs are seen as merchandise (the crux of the problem for this criminal activity).

Most of the French Bulldogs reported on Facebook have gone blind or have neurological disorders. Some have died. The spine in my own puppy is severely damaged and not repairable despite $10,000 worth of surgery. He is paralyzed for life. This is called IVDD (Intervertebral disk disease). It is congenital and the result of interbreeding. You will regret the day you met Mariton Manganaan and White Forest Bulldogs as you wake up one morning and your dog is paralyzed or dead! Please heed this warning, or your heart and bank account will both be broken! Beware White Forest Bulldogs!

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