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White Real Estate Solulions

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Franklin
Address 254 East Central Street
Phone 508-208-9173

White Real Estate Solulions Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2017

My experience with these agents, especially Scott, is that they are dishonest when they are selling a property, thus, if I had ever seen them as list agents in the future, I would run, not walk away. They have lied to us and our agent on a house in Mass. Their listing made you believe this home was ready to go. The seller even desired an early close. No septic in, but he desired an early close? Laughable. Allowing the last owners to use the two car garage as storage so we could not walk into it with even ONE foot during the first inspection, again laughable. But these are great listing agents? They thought this was OK?

The listing maintained it had a new ROOF, NEW S/S APPLIANCES, NEW SEPTIC with title V compliance. We put an offer in, based on that listing. What I learned was right before the home inspection, Scott decides to call our agent less than 24 hours before, to convey to her that his seller has no running water because the plumbing was not in. Well, after doing my own due diligence on that property, the building inspector informed me that the owner only MET with the town plumbing inspector, but had not actually pulled a permit. YET we were paying for an inspection, which should have been checking THE water.

The owner picked up the bill for the second inspection, because we couldn’t check water, yet during the second inspection the septic was still not in. Mind you, the offer was signed in September. It’s now Nov, no septic yet, just got approved. The town had additionally told me that the owner was doing things wrong in regards to the septic plans, and they had to send them back twice. Yet Scott has this knack it seems in my opinion, for lying for his seller, stating the town was “so slow and they don't understand the meaning of urgency. ” Quite the contrary.

The town knew the owner very well, but said he thought he could just do what he had done for other towns, and it be acceptable, and this particular town does things differently. I know real estate agents are supposed to protect the individual they are representing, but Scott lied in the listing, that house was nowhere near ready, appliances, especially the stove were DIRTY n/m new as stated, and it was disgusting. They stated ONLY after offering 200 for a listing error that the appliances were still in working order and that they would replace two appliances, but that is NOT how they wrote the listing up.

Old electrical that was a fire hazard. But yet, he had just recently pulled an electrical permit (the owner) for the outside of the home, only –which I have copies of. But according to these agents, this house was MOVE IN condition. It had no septic, clearly not move in. Electrical wasn’t pulled until 10/11. Offer again signed the third week of September. MY last straw with them, was that somehow they got a hold of our email addresses YESTERDAY and where asking why the town called me with regards to when the septic was approved. I don’t know. Maybe because on my free time off work, I ran down to the town myself and spoke to many there? Something all these agents should have done, but seemingly didn’t or they would have known and received the same things I did from the town. In my opinion, these realtors are unethical with too much deceit. Literally think I lost money in this all. Would have never signed offer

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