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White Rain

Country United States
State Alaska

White Rain Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2016

Our last shopping trip my daughter picked out White Rain 3 in 1 Strawberry Splash - due to the bottle being red with a giant strawberry on it. I thought no biggie, smelled good, so ok fine why not? (Our 1st time purchasing White Rain products) Well...two days later the plunger/nozzle totally broke. Again, no biggie wasn't that expensive - I'll just pour/squeeze it out of the new hole on top. A few days after that, it had fallen into the tub (unnoticed, I'm assuming sometime that morning.) Ok First - we've had a dark stain on/in the end of our tub since we've moved in, NOTHING has removed this stain, I swear I've tried EVERYTHING!!! Ok, back to the 3 in 1 falling into the tub with no cap. Naturally it spilled/poured out of the bottle all into the tub. Whenever I washed the spilled shampoo up...the years old stain went with it????? Could you PLEASE tell me what is in my children's shampoo that would have taken off a 10+ yr old stain that a BLEACH paste would not even remove??? I took pictures to attach to my inquiry, unfortunately there isn't an option for pictures. DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!! OR YOURSELVES!!!

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