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White Pelican Realty, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Lady Lake
Address 718 S. Hwy 441
Phone (352) 388-3738

White Pelican Realty, Inc. Reviews

  • May 30, 2018

This business has changed its name more times that we can imagine. The owner of this business has had multiple failed businesses. You can see the list here:

It has changed from Villages Home Watch to Home Watch of The Villages to VIR Home Watch to White Pelican Home Services. All within the space of 4 years.

The owner is a crook and the president, Patricia Stiffler, is a sociopath. They have stolen $300,000 from previous business partner and have taken thousands and thousands of dollars of deposits from people and not delivered services.

They also run a business called WHITE PELICAN REALTY - to try and hide their activities throughout multiple businesses.

The DBPR has them currently under investigation for their unlicensed business practices, the DBPR also on 8/1/17 inspected them and found they did NOT have a license to operate their business.

The Attorney General’s office in conjunction with the State Attorney and Lake County Sheriff’s department is currently pending Criminal Charges against Steve and Patty Stiffler for grand theft, bank fraud, credit card fraud and larceny.

To make it more difficult for the Lake County Sheriff’s department to go after them, they purposely moved to Marion County where they are very good friends with a senior member of the sheriff’s department.

This company is BAD NEWS. The owner Steven/Steve/Stephan Stiffler (changes his name to hide his activities) has been self-declared bankruptcy now twice as quickly as he could to make sure that he cannot be made to pay the thousands of dollars stolen from people.

The public needs to be aware of Steve and Patricia Stiffler's unethical, crooked and fraudulent business practices ASAP and people should be WARNED about them.

NORWEX cleaning supplies should be ashamed to have her as a distribution partner. She is damaging the NORWEX brand and they should be aware!

  • Aug 23, 2017

I am very concerned about the unethical business practices of Steven H Stiffler and Patricia Stiffler (owners of White Pelican Home Services, Inc (Sunbiz Doc # P13000043302) and White Pelican Realty, Inc (Sunbiz Doc # P16000046182)).

They have stolen almost $250k of client account funds that they used to purchase items such as luxury vehicles for him and his wife, trailers and even took $7,000 cash out of the client escrow account.

MY URGENT CURRENT CONCERN: The DBPR, FREC and State Attorney are currently actively investigating Mr and Mrs Stiffler and their businesses for unlicensed real estate sales, unlicensed real estate escrow account usage, commingling of escrow funds and personal use of real estate escrow funds to keep up their lavish lifestyle.

Despite the DBPR sending multiple cease and desist letters and official notices, they continue without a care in the world for licensing laws and the protection of client monies.

Steven Stiffler is a twice bankrupt, and I can see him filing a 3rd after running away with all of his client's monies.

White Pelican Realty, Inc is NOT a licensed real estate business. In fact the rent-a-broker (Todd Brown) that was the broker of the company found out what was going on and immediately pulled his broker's license from White Pelican rendering it unable to perform real estate activities. Despite that, Mr and Mrs Stiffler and White Pelican Realty, Inc continue daily to sell real estate (collecting real estate escrow deposits) and rent real estate (collecting security deposits and advance rental funds for long term leases).

I understand that it takes time to complete the investigation into these criminal's activities, but they have now been doing it since May 2016 and must have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even more of a concern is that White Pelican and Mr and Mrs Stiffler operate SOLELY in a retirement community area and specifically target senior citizens.

He was operating even without a Hotels & Restaurants Lodging license in Sumter and Marion counties until they caught up with him and make him get those licenses.

These are the current unlicensed complaint numbers filed against White Pelican Home Services with the DBPR: 2017018371, 2016042033, 2016039474, 2016040318, 2016030490 and 2017016303. are the current unlicensed complaint numbers filed against White Pelican Realty, Inc with the DBPR: 2017030011 and 2017019924.

Here are the current unlicensed complaint numbers filed against Steven Stiffler individually with the DBPR: 2016042030, 2016028009, 2017017333, 2017017924, 2017013476, 2017013618, 2016037387 and 2017018736.

Here are the current unlicensed complaint numbers filed against Patricia Stiffler individually with the DBPR: 2017017330, 2016042039, 2017018731, 2017013636 and 2017013622.

This is the current unlicensed complaint numbers filed against Tiffany Lipps (their executive assistant) with the DBPR: 2017001140.

Mr Stiffler is a career criminal and is about to skip town with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of client money and unfortunately nobody is doing anything to stop him. He clearly has ZERO regard for the law and continues desperately trying to make as much money as possible by scamming people as quickly as he can before he leaves town, or even the country!

Many more people may lose their life savings from Mr and Mrs Stifflers unlicensed, unlawful activities and businesses.

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