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White Pelican Home Services, Inc

Country United States
State Florida
City Lady Lake
Address 718 S. Hwy 441
Phone 352-388-3738

White Pelican Home Services, Inc Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2017

From May 3rd 2016 through to at the time of writing this rip off report, White Pelican Home Services, Inc is not licensed in the State of Florida, or any other state, to perform Real Estate Services of any kind including Sales, Long Term Rentals and Vacation Rentals.

They also offer Home Watch Services, Housekeeping Services, Golf Cart Services, Staging Services and Private Cleaning under the name A Clean Home is a Happy Home.

Steve Stiffler and Patty Stiffler have been operating since May 3rd 2016 as White Pelican Home Services, Inc without a real estate license, designated broker, broker’s license or brokerage corporation license. They are currently under investigation by the DBPR for unlicensed complaints - search their name and company name here:

Sunbiz shows the managing members of the company as Stephen (Steve) Stiffler, Patricia (Patty) Ray Stiffler and Todd Brown.

Staff member Tiffany Sloan Lipps is also soliciting real estate sales and rentals under the direction of Steve Stiffler and Patty Stiffler on behalf of White Pelican Home Services. She is not currently licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to perform real estate activities yet is performing them under the direction of Steven and Patricia Stiffler.

The company also has displayed in its window at 718 S Highway 441, Lady Lake, FL 32159 a Better Business Bureau (BBB) sticker showing that they are an ACCREDITED Business.

The Better Business Bureau does not recognize them as an accredited business .

I know many Realtors who spend 150 hours in education plus their fees and continuing education and also Brokers who spend almost 300 hours would be disgusted that a company is operating without the required licenses.

  • Mar 30, 2017

Steve and Patty Stiffler are not licensed real estate agents. They have never had a license and do not have one now.

Their company, White Pelican Realty, which they own 50/50 is a real estate sales company selling real estate in The Villages, FL and surrounding areas.

They previously had a "rent-a-broker" who put his license with White Pelican to allow the company to be formed.

When that "rent-a-broker" saw that they were using client trust funds to purchase luxury items such as BMW's, he decided to run for the hills and pulled his license from the company which means that the real estate company can no longer sell real estate while there is no broker.

BUT The Stifflers are liars and have ZERO regard for the law and so they are carrying on selling real estate and spending the escrow money just to keep themselves afloat.

Bad bad bad people. You should definitely look into any lawsuits against them before choosing to do business with them.

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