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White Mountain Retreat by Melanie

Country United States
State New Hampshire
City Lisbon
Address 113 South Main St
Phone 603-838-5599

White Mountain Retreat by Melanie Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2022

The apartment was booked so the lady offered us 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor in which we'd have to share a bathroom (which is in one of the bedrooms). Toilet barely flushes, the amount of bugs that come in through the bathroom is crazy!

My friend would get back from work and there would be dead bugs on her bed and of course bugs everywhere in the bathroom. the bathroom is very small. You can take one step inside, on days when it is hot outside it's blazing hot in the house.

The one bedroom doesn't have any screens so you can't even open any windows. My bedroom had 3 full sized dressers and a closet. Most of my stuff stayed in my suitcase because all the drawers in each dresser were full except for 4.

She has dolls all over each dresser so can't put anything on the dressers. Closet was full top to bottom so i couldn't hang any clothes. She will go in your room when your not there. Worst experience. I don't recommend.

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