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White Light Smile

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 2307 Fenton Pkwy. #107-126
Phone 844-548-5652

White Light Smile Reviews

  • Feb 15, 2017

This company is a total rip off and scammers. After I canceled my unknown "subscription" they charged my account $39.99 in the hope I would not notice. This is a huge alert to anyone that has done business with these people. Cancel your credit card and dispute any chrages you are unaware of. This compant is a complete scam!!

  • Feb 9, 2017

BE AWARE for this SHAMELESS COMPANY managed by SCAMMERS... they offer FREE SHIPPING but charge $12.95... plus extra charge for taxes... which doubles the offer of $29.99.

They don't respond on claim letters and pretend to have sent the product even if you cancel the order immediately BE AWARE for these SCAMMERS!

  • Jan 14, 2017


I placed an order a few days ago and it was supposed to be $29.95. I look at my statement it's almost $50. So I email "customer support" I get back a scripted answer about sales tax and shipping. One, you have no physical location in my state so no sales tax should be charged, two on the invoice I was sent, the sales tax and shipping there were $0.00. Red flag! I resonded with do not ship me anything REFUND my money. Again, I get a scripted answer about signing up for their "subscription" to receive 50% off my product. I said I will NOT sign up for any recurring charges. Either you ship the product and refund the difference in price or refund the entire amount and do not ship anything. I also reiterated that I do not want any recurring charges on my card. Do you know what I got? The same generic email I got the very first time! Now, I check my statement and this $50 charge incurred INTERNATIONAL fees. So, they aren't even in the U.S.? (I should have known by the grammar in the email). So, now I am waiting for a refund or just going to dispute the charges with the bank. Do not order anything from them. I might even cancel my card because after reading other report it seems like they just go ahead and keep charging your card.

  • Nov 24, 2016

I purchased the whitle light smile system and 1 refill in august. In september i was charged $49.95 for a subscription that i never signed up for. In october i was charged $29.95 for a subscription. In november i was charged $8.95 for a subscription. I never signed up for a subscription from this company and am not sure what a "subscription" would be for, because i was purchasinng a product not a magazine! i am unable to find their phone number to contact them so i had to cancel my credit card as these purchases were fraud.

I became aware of the fraud after i saw the transactions on my credit card then i googled the company and was unable to find much on them except if white light was a scam or real. I found the website and there were already reports of the same scam white light did to me. You try to purchase somethinng online and you get scammed by a crappy company. Dont purchase anything from this company unless you want to waste your time trying to get the money they take from you illegally, after you make a purchase!

  • Nov 1, 2016

WHITE LIGHT SMILE are SCAMMERS! When you order their teeth whitening system, no where on the order page does it say you will be automatically enrolled in a monthly refill program and charged $49.95 on your credit card. If they were an honest company they would put it on the order page. Instead, it turns out it is buried in their "terms and conditions" many pages deep. Terms and Conditions are suppose to address things like: don't abuse their website, don't use their trademarked material, etc. That's what honest businesses do! They don't bury an auto-renew agreement there!

I ordered the kit and was billed and received the product. Recently, I received my VISA statement and was billed again during dates I was driving to my winter home in the south, so I knew I didn't order anything online at that time. I called the company twice. I left a message the first time since the hold time was so long. They did not return my call so I called again. After 32 minutes on hold I finally spoke to a customer service agent. She said the charge was my auto-renew. I explained that I had not received anything since my initial purchase nor had I signed up for auto ship every month. Since it was 31 days after the chargehad been made to my credit card they said they could not refund me. I explained I just received my statement 2 days before my call to them. Then I said I had not received a package anyway. After putting me on hold again they came back and said it was in transit. You mean you can charge me a whole month before I even get the product? Ridiculous! Since my private mail box postal annex would automatically return any packages (since I was not expecting any shipments while away at my winter home), they would get their product back. O demanded a refund. I was put on hold 3 different times after finally getting thru in the first place, before they finally agreed to give me a refund.

This practice should be illegal. And it should not have taken an hour of my time to remedy a situation that I did not sign up for. I am going to the Better Business Bureau next. Companies like White Light Smile make people like me not want to order online unless it is from a proven company like Amazon, or such. These guys are weasels!

  • Oct 1, 2016

I bought this portable tooth whitening kit on their website: and they automatically signed me up for recurring billing without my knowledge. If you look at their "Buy Now" page you will see no indication of the fact that you are signing up for a recurring subscription model. So I'm sitting here a month later and they send me another kit and sure enough they take $49.95 out of my account. So I go and investigate and find language in their Terms and Conditions...buried about 10 pages back, that you're signing up for a subscription model. What a SCAM. I can't believe that companies get away with this...I can't believe that they can sign people up for a subscription model and not disclose it CLEARLY. You can't just bury some terms deep in your agreement and start billing people...that's a's wrong and they know it. It should be clear as day when you're signing up for recurring billing.

When I contacted the company they denied my request for a refund and offered me 25% off. Are you kidding me? This is what they count on...they count on people not putting up a fight and they get to pocket 75% of a sale that they otherwise wouldn't have gotten. It's sad that businesses must resort to trickery in order to sell their products.

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