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White Law Firm LLP

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 1314 Texas St.
Phone 281 617 1958

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  • Dec 3, 2018

I received several calls from someone claiming to reprersent AGODA International with an overture to purchase my timeshare membership with International Vacation Club at 300% more than I paid for it. After several discussions, I agreed to sell a different timeshare menbership with Global Exchange Vacation Club (GEVC), at which point the purported AGODA representative said they would have their contracted law firm contact me to handle the sale/purchase transaction. Shortly thereafter I received a call from someone purporting to be associated with THE WHITE LAW FIRM explaining that the purchase would be culminated with my receipt of a wire transfer from their client (AGODA) and after I confirmed receipt of funds in my account, and only then would I release my interest in the timeshare membership.

The purported law firm representative stated that they would contact GEVC and notify them that I had agreed to release my interest in the timeshare membership, and that GEVC would initiate contact with me in order to fulfill their release requirements. I received a call from someone claiming to be from GEVC who attempted to dissuade me from selling, but then agreed to send me the required documernts via email. Upon receipt of the documents, I noted that there was a requirement for ME - not the buyer - to send GEVC 10% of the agreed upon purchase price of $73,100.00. Needless to s ay that put brakes on the transaction.

I called the phone number shown on the documents purportedly received from GEVC (866-378-5536) and. spoke with a male person claiming to be in the GEVC Member Services Administration Department. Instinct proimpted me to ask the person I was speaking with to tell me where he was geographically located. The response: Mexico City. When I asked why a California Corporation had a member services department in Mexico City the response was, at best, vague and the call was disconnected. I located my original GEVC membership card and called the member services department #800-269-1509 and asked to speak with someone who handled sale/transfer of membership.

That discussion resulted in 2 key pieces of information: #1 - the flat fee for transfer of ownership is $299.00, not 10% of a stated purchase price, and #2 - GEVC does not have ANY offices in Mexico City. Clearly this is a fraudulent operation. The request for money to be paid up front eminated from the contact arranged through a fictitious GEVC office by THE WHITE LAW FIRM and its associates. I have spoken with the STATE BAR OF TEXAS but they are unable to initiate an investigation since I cannot conclusively establish that ANDREW RUSSELL WHITE is personally involved in - or has knowledge of - these activities. End result - they didn't get my money, unlike the other person whose report I read before posting my own.

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