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White, Jacobs & Associates

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 200 Chisholm Pl #250
Phone 972-231-0452

White, Jacobs & Associates Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2021

I hired White Jacobs to assist me with correcting items on my credit report that I did not believe to be accurate. I paid this company over $1,500 in fees. The agreement was that they were suppose to get these items deleted. Prior to contracting with them, I paid off my creditors and many of the accounts were removed. I received letters from the creditors indicating this. Some of the accounts were removed because they were fraudulent.

I worked with the creditors to resolve the fraudulent accounts. White Jacobs was unsuccessful in aiding me in cleaning up my credit. I have given them over a year and I still have many many accounts still listed. They did very very little. Most of the items that have been corrected was because of work I did. They have been sending form letters to my creditors and the creditors sent me letters indicating the dispute letters provided by White Jacobs was insufficient.

I was charged up front for credit repair services and did not get what I paid for. I fulfilled my end of the contract and they did not do what they were suppose to do. Whenever I received updates, I sent them. They have not worked on my file since August when they were suppose to be actively working on it. They have a money back guarantee and when I inquired about it, they refused to honor their own guarantee because misleading information about the work they did was considered. Please investigate this company.

  • Dec 10, 2020

Edgar durte promised me to fix my credit and help me and my family but never deliverd they kept charging me for almost 6 months took over 1k and then never responded to my calls or emails at times finally edger called and said all this takes times I told him it's been almost 6 months I told him why u charging me a document he never told me about over 100 a month? He said didn't I tell u everything about this company is a lie they took.

My money I had to call the collections and pay them off anybody using this company please don't use them they owner she was a women she would yell over me when I talk to her when she finally called me they will not help u but just charge u money please again stay away from this company.

  • May 9, 2017

Will smith is the sells guy which he lied the entire time. I was in contact with a real law firm to handled my cerdit. Will intructed me they where a law firm and of course luars always get caught. This firm was working on my credit and never followed the correct method or legal method I instruct will i was unhappy with the results and of cousres theres always lie from this man of the lord. When i had enough and asked where are the lawyers responded in saying i will call you. Will was under orders to only email me with any concerns. This violation was starting to make since. This when will admittex there is no lawyers nut a lawer on the staff. Laminica was aware of the fraud and so is the BBB and warned not to use this firm. This firm is total fraudlent and the on staff attonrey is now going to be investigated for assistance of a fraudlent company according to the TEXAS BAR . I HIGHLY WOULD RUN AWAY FROM THIS FIRM ITS ALL FRAUDLENT PEOPLE

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