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Wesley Financial Group, LLC.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 7135 Charlotte Pike Suite 101
Phone 800-425-4081

Wesley Financial Group, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2018

Wesley Financial Group V O Group, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Wesley Financial is a Scam and they are engaged in illegal activity.

Wesley Financial split off from VO Group because VO Group was under investigation for fraud. They do all the same illegal things that VO Group does but just under a different name. Chuck Mcdowell, the owner of Wesley Financial, is a former Vice President of VO Group. All of the top financial officers of VO Group have been arrested for fraud. When all the top officers were arrested and news hit the internet, VO Group just changed their name to VO Financial and they are continuing to do the same exact illegal fraud that they were doing under the old name. (See news article below) You are just not supposed to notice the similarity in name and the fact that they are working from the exact same addresses that VO Group used with the same exact people and using the same exact fraudulent tactics. (Notice below that the address of both businesses are the same.) Basically, VO Group is scattering like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. Do not give them any money. I have alerted U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman who is the lead prosecutor in the case against VO Group about the most recent attempt to fool the public by creating many new corporations to try to hide identities of the criminals. Wesley Financial is just one more of these new id

Even Wesley Financials testimonials are fake. On the very first page they show you Victims of timeshare. The sad truth is those same people have been seen before somewhere else. has these same actors talking about their situation, for a different company of course but which company was it that helped them. Surley not Wesley Financial. They have been open for less than 60 days and are telling their clients it takes a year two complete the process. So, with not having been open for more than 60 days and the process taking a year, How can you have anyone giving a testimonial? Its a shame, some people will never understand the bigger picture and only look at greed and money Watch Both videos, the one of YouTube from TAI and the one of Wesley FInancial. Sad! If you cant find anyone to say anything good about your company, Why not pay actors.

Most of the people who work for Wesley Financial are former timeshare salesmen for Wyndham. They were trained by Wyndham to use fraudulent sales practices. They use the same exact fraudulent sales practices on a daily basis that Wyndham uses and that they berate Wyndham for using. They will tell you how horrible the sales practices of Wyndham are and ironically, they are using the exact same techniques to get you to buy their services. They will tell you, for example, that they are calling you because they are investigating a complaint that you or a family member made. This is a lie. They do not have any information that you made a complaint. They just want you to start telling them all the things that you are unhappy with Wyndham about. (or other timeshare companys). They will tell you that they do this service for free. This is a lie. Just ask them if you have to pay any money upfront. Of course, they will not tell you the truth but you will find that you have to send them a check for many thousands of dollars or they will not do anything for you.

You can do what they do for free. You do not need to pay them tens of thousands of dollars to help you. They just lead you to think that they are doing something for you that you cannot do yourself. All they do is tell you to stop paying your money to Wyndham. If you do not pay Wyndham for 90 days, they will issue a deed in lieu automatically. This happens as a matter of law. It is simply a quick foreclosure process that is provided by law and Wyndham uses. They make you think they have done some work for you but all they do is just tell you not to pay. That is Step one of the fraud. They get you out of your existing contract with your timeshare company. Step 2 of the fraud is to buy points cheap from a secondary market for pennies on the dollars.

They then sell you the points for astronomical amounts compared to what they paid for the points and for what you can get the points for on the internet from 3rd parties. The scam is complete and you will never know what they did. They fleeced you and they made an obscene profit doing it. So step 2 of the fraud is to sell you back less points than you currently own so you do not have to pay as much and you have rolled back the clock to a point where you have the amount of points that you like instead of the extra points that you do not need.

There are so many lies that they tell you that I cannot begin to list them. One you should know about though is that they claim that a committee will decide if they will help you. They will tell you that so many people want their help that they can only assist the people who have the strongest case. What a joke!!! They will take anybody who pays them. They will also tell you that you have to make a decision in a hurry otherwise the committee will drop your case and they will help someone else. Does this sound a lot like the tactics of Wyndham. (You must buy today or you will not get this price again.) They will tell you that this practice of Wyndham is misrepresentation and against the law. They will not tell you that they use the same trick on you.

These people are professional liars and they use every illegal sales trick in the book to get you to purchase their product. These people need to be stopped. Until the FTC and FBI put them out of business for good, I will keep the internet up to date when they try to hide their identity again and again.

News Article that was published April 25, 2002 by the newspaper Inside the Gate.

Adam Lacerda, VO Group Staff Arrested for Timeshare Fraud

CAMDEN, N.J. (April 18, 2012) U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced yesterday that nine people from southern New Jersey were arrested for their alleged roles in a $2.4 million mail fraud conspiracy involving timeshare mortgages.

Seven others were also charged in the conspiracy and will have initial court appearances in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands before going to New Jersey to answer the charges in Complaints unsealed yesterday. The defendants arrested in New Jersey were expected to appear yesterday afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Ann Marie Donio in Camden federal court.

All sixteen of them are affiliated with The Vacation Ownership Group, (a/k/a VO Group LLC).

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