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WaterRidge Apartments

Country United States
State Texas
City 972-790-0574
Address 4600 W Pioneer Dr, Irving
Phone 972-790-0574

WaterRidge Apartments Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2016

I am writing this letter because I have been taken advantage of for the past year. I live an a 3 bedroom apartment in Water Ridge Apartments in irving, Texas. From the first day I moved in this complex in october 2015, I have been ignored and disrespected by the office staff. My goal and reason for moving into this "Dump" was to live and have a roof over my head. I have has to deal with my shower water smelling of raw sewage water everytime I get ready bathe along with the standing water that fills the shower and won't drain. They failed to make me aware that my former neighbors that lived next door were beyaond filthy. That were infested with Bed Bugs, Roaches, Fleas, & Mice. They were the apartment for weeks after they moved out, but they never bothered to inform me or offer treatment to my apartment. The way i found out, the mice were coming through adjoing holes from in my ex-neighbors apartments into my kitchen.

The staff in the office also applied all of my rent to an "empty" apartmentand put a notice on my door to moveout until i was able to show proof. The nexrt occurence was only applying one of my checks to my bill and not both at the same time and put another notice on my door. I've dealt with neighbors not picking up behind there animals. i've reported my upstaors neighbors for dropping their cigarette butts onto my balcony. And lets not forget the standing sewer water in the breeae way. Now that i am moving, I was givng a total pro-rated move out rate, I paid it a week ahead of time and the assistan tmanager, Valerie, came to my apartmentn on 10/4/2016,with a constable, yelling at my mother asking her "did you pay your rent?" I don't appreciate it. When i confronted her about it she said that the computer doesn't recognize the move out date and she had 100's of payments to post, but she will correct the error. i followed up with her today, 10/05/2016, and there is still a rent balance, and she alson told me that I would have to pay an additional $68 water bill after I move out. She said that all of th tenants water bills are 2 months behind. Yeah right. i have never heard that before. i have pictures.

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