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Vita's Hair Studio

Country United States
State Maryland
City Greenbelt
Address 7823 Belle Point Dr
Phone 301-441-1222

Vita's Hair Studio Reviews

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  • Feb 11, 2017

Vita's hair studio is a legitimate scam! Save your time and money. She pays for ads so most of the reviews are fake. The real reviews can be seen if you scroll down further. The list of complaints can go on forever but all in all, Vita is a scam artist who charges unheard of amounts for her botched weave services. She was injured and still taking clients and allowing her unqualified assistants to do hair, but still charging a professional price. She held interviews right in the lobby, talked trash about other staff and clients in front of people, and blatantly lies to clients about the price (which she refuses to discuss over the phone.)

She has new staff every week, no surprise. A lot of the young girls come back, start fights, or talk negative about her in the shop! When she gives quotes, she'll charge double and disappear into the back, making someone else deal with the fallback. Her hair quality sucks. Her clients are all professional and desperate women who know NOTHING about weaves because no one would pay 600+ for a botched service you could easily get for 120. She is not a professional, and she definitely is not a master in her trade. Your hair will be damaged, she's just a smart business woman, and an even s****ier human.

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  • Jul 7, 2016

Vita's Hair Studio was a horrific experience!!!! Vita gives you a price when you walk in, and when the job is done she gives you a much higher price. Unlike most salons, she does not have a price list, so her prices are made up as she goes! Completely unprofessional. She also does not have respect for your time! I would not recommend her, Horrible Experience!!!!

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