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Country United States
State California
City Folsom
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  • Oct 2, 2018

More Women Come Forward To Publicly Accuse Henry Turner Of Sexual flirting at Gym Henry F. Turner ..... Image via Real Sports HBO hammered another nail into Henry Turners political coffin last night. The network’s news magazine, Real Sports, detailed years of sexual flirting allegations made against the famously ambitious former NBA ball player here in Sacramento. While the program did not break new ground, it did feature several accusers and witnesses speaking out against Turner for the first time. The emotion and clarity of what they had to say gave new life to voices previously heard only in records of investigations into Turner's conduct. He works out to stay in shape at Folsom 24 hour fitness. One woman had made a complaint on him for following her to the parking lot to ask for her number 3 times after she said no thank you! Another woman here in Sacramento said: " I am scared of him because he is always looking at me while im working out". I never new he was a kings player and I am shocked. I am only coming forward because I have a girlfreind who thought I should speak on this and let other woman know that he use his NBA status to gain woman and flirt with overbord conversations. Be aware of this man and watch out for his scam - to get woman! Cindy B

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