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Ultra Testo Max

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 2200 NW 72nd Ave. #29060

Ultra Testo Max Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2019

Prior to agreeing to sample this product I asked the representative if after the one month is over do they automatically send more and charge my account automatically? They said there is nothing to worry about because they give you 14 days to cancel if you don’t want the product. I ask for information about how to contact them if I wished to cancel and was told they would send an email confirming my trial and all of the information about my trial and how to cancel would also be on my invoice.

They told me the product would arrive in 3-5 days. All lies, The product took 2 weeks, no email ever came and the invoice has NO CONTACT INFORMATION no phone number, no email address and when I try googling the address on the invoice, I can’t find it, nor can you get a phone number from white pages. I checked my bank account and found they shipped and charged for products I didn’t order.

Also for each of the two products they sent (Ultra Testo Max which I did order) and (Bio Nitric Oxide which I didn’t order) and the biggest problem is for each of these two products they not only charged for shipping but the also charged my bank with feelers,( small charges to test your account and ensure or establish a connection for continued charging) they did this twice for each account.

The real concern is that make three times they established a direct deduction from my account for each of the two products and each one of the six deductions was withdrawn by a different entity. So six different entities have entered my account and not only made a small withdrawal but established the ability to continue doing so. I’m desperate for any information about this company and how to get in touch with them, or anyone in Miami can maybe see if there is anything at the address they are using or a local phone number Lied about a product promotion agreement and made unauthorized deductions from my account.

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