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TTC Business Solutions

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Cary
Address 2703 Jones Franklin Rd
Phone 1 888-892-3040

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  • May 15, 2019

Complete scam please do not trust them because I can promise you they will steal your money. We filed several trademarks with them last year and to this day nothing has been filed for us. I know this because we had to hire an a law firm locally to file on our behalf because they refused to help us. Upon the law firm checking they found not one thing had ever been filed and gave us all information showing this.

Since then we have called and emailed over 15 times only to get no response. So they basically stole over $3,500 from us. This is not surprising though since the person who started the company had to resign after he admitted to multiple fraudulent or digitally-manipulated specimens. So how this company’s is still open I do not know.

I know they are cheap to use but you will get nothing in return except for your money being stolen. An if you do not believe me just look up there name and put the word scam behind it. There are several articles written about the fraud this company is doing. Hope this information helps someone not get their money stolen like we did.

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