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Tshiala Joseph Massela

Country United States
State Indiana
City Carmel
Address 211 Faulkner Ct
Phone 707-750-2612

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  • Jul 4, 2017

Tshiala Joseph Massela is currently on Probation for investment fraud. I believe he also uses the name of Quinton Hall.

Quinto Hall's name is the frontman for the fruad I have experienced. The reason I believe Quinton Hall is Mr. Massela, the number trace of Quinton Hall is the name of Massela.

They sold about 100 Chinese Railroad Bonds which they have not redemned. Six months they have been late. In the meantime, I have noticed Ads for the similiar investment. I have come to the conclution, their operation is a PONZI scheme.

They sell bonds to someone, then sell the bonds to someone else and so forth, hoping they can fake the redemtion of the Bond.

The Agreement they is signed is not valid. The professionals they list DENY anything to do with the Chinese Bonds.

In my case, my redmeption was to be Fefruary 27th, 2017. Ever sicne then, they have promised about 30 times I would recieve my redmeption.

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