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TSC Direct

Country United States
State New York
City Jericho
Address 100 Jericho Quadrangle #124
Phone 800-564-6669

TSC Direct Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2017

I was insured by Geico in 2016 before leaving them for TSC-Direct that offered a rate that was so wonderful. I was paying $213.00 a month to Geico and so the new rate that I started out with at $67.00 monthly was I thought at the time was great and for low liability coverage for 25K/50K each occurrence level for a 2002 Honda CRV-LX. Within a month later TSC Direct increased the monthly payment to $71.00 a month. I have a good driving record; and I needed to downsize expenses and so I went for the change to my regret. I was on Disability and they asked what was my source of income and I told them. After accepting me they proceeded to demand a letter from my doctor stating that I would not be able to work again and current medical diagnoses that I am being treated for. I objected to this demand as no previous auto insurance I dealt with ever demanded this private info as a requirement for continued coverage. I was hooked and so I had to get the doctor's note eventually after going back and forth with the doctor that insisted that this is unheard of. Eventually I got a doctor's note indicating the info that they wanted.

In October 2017 I received a questionnaire asking me to notate my current mileage. I don't drive my car much except for pleasure and medical appointments and so this info was given to them. I only had 37,043 miles on my car. Next time I heard from them was when I got a NON-Renewal letter that indicated that I was not longer accepted by their insurance company because of ''Inadequate Mileage.'' I was not driving my car ENOUGH for them. Not because of any accidents or violations – but because I was not driving enough. I argued this matter with them. I got no further than one of their customer service reps. A female and then argued again with a male. I was treated Unfairly as they repeated the same script, ''our underwriters are very strict and they feel that since you don't drive your car more than once a week that there is an, ''increased likely chance that you would forget how to drive in between excursions.'' I have been driving since 20 and now I am 56 y/o. I have a perfect driving record and I was still canceled out. I later learned from other Insurance Reps from their sister company that, '' others have been denied for driving too much'' after they were insured by them for one year.

People do not get fooled by their low rates. They are a scam and I was forced to find insurance elsewhere when I am now compelled to pay $311.00 monthly. This amount was a cheaper one. Progressive Insurance quote was cheaper but their underwriters were squid-dish about taking me after TSC Direct let me go this way which all other top insurers said ''is unheard of,'' and ''ridiculous!'' They should be closed down.

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