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Truth In Aging

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 917-525-2405

Truth In Aging Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2016

I received this item as a gift Truth Vitality Luxe Renew it's a LED Ultrasonic skin device peddeled by the owner Marta Wohrle who claims to be a beauty expert who's beauty reviews are suppose to Unbiased. Anyway I contacted her company reagrding the recation I had to suing the product which where red blotchy bumps like sunburn freckles except these didn't go away I also experienced headaches. I contacted my Dr. and stopped using the product, I received several emails claiming they could not find the purchase receipt and since it was a gift I didn't have not once was there any concern over the issues with my face what happened what was the Dr.s advice NOTHING!!

Marta also deleted my comments on her facebook page so other couldn't review them I am now unabe to make any comments or message the company?? makes you wonder..This device is sold threw her company Truth In Aging.HSN, and her site on Ebay the reviews on HSN are less than favorable.

Marta claims they will not refund without a receipt and has refused to further contact me regarding my follow up Dr's appt on the 5th.of Feb. As of today 02/02/15 I have contacted the FDA,FTC, BBB and Consumer Affairs. I feel under the circumstances is she were an honest person who really cared about customers and the integrity of her products she would have refunded me and the others that have complained other compnaies who are legit do with no issues what so ever.I would not recommend this company or her products to anyone.

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