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True Skin

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Phone 844-965-6186

True Skin Reviews

  • May 25, 2017

I went online and found a company named True Skin Serum that was offering trial bottles and all you had to do was pay for shipping, which was $5.97. So I sent them my information to have a bottle shipped to me. While finishing my request, a pop up came up asking did I want to try the eye cream and only pay the shipping. Well, you couldn't click on whether you wanted to or not so I continued on thinking it wouldn't say I wanted the eye cream. Well, of course it added the eye cream for only shipping costs. Hesitant, I decided to go ahead and stay with the order. I should have known then when it added eye cream I should have stopped right there. So, I tried the product. First, the serum had a very small pump in it and only worked one time as the pump is so short, it doesn't even reach down to the bottom of the bottle. After 14 days, I saw where my credit card had been charged over $185.00!!!! I immediately called and the lady told me that it clearly states on the page that if you do not return the bottles within 14 days you will be charged 89.95 for the SAMPLE bottle!!!! First off the website is misleading. Stating that "who doesn't like something free?" This is when they are trying to get you order the trial bottle. I cancelled immediately. So, I have paid $185.00 for SAMPLE bottles!!! This is complete scam and rip off!!When I asked for my money back, the lady had the nerve to offer a year of the serum and told me she would reduce the price if I signed up for a year!!!! For the money I paid, I feel I should get a big bottle of both products. Never again!

  • May 18, 2017

This was advertise as a free sample with just paying for shipping of $5.97 and upon proceeding was forced to add an additional product for an additional $5.99 shipping. I read through all the online documents provided and no where di they mention that after 14 days I would be billed an additional $92.97 and $92.99. This was for True Skin and Eye Rejuv. No phone numbers where provided. I contacted my credit card company and they were able to give me a number number of 844-965-3746 to call and cancel my order. I called the company and spoke with "Ben" who would not give me a last name told me I would have to pay $38 to cancel my order. I told him I would not pay and his response was "ok how about $18" again I said no I would not pay. He then told me if I refuse to pay I would have to send the product back at my expense and if I did not send the product back by June 16th I would have to pay the full price. This is desecpitve advertising and sales. I paid the shipping for the sample and was force to purchase an additional product without any choice to cancel. EyeRejuv Syn-Ake - Snake Venom Peptide Cream 1.0 oz and TrueSkin - Instant Wrinkle Formula 0.5 oz I'm usually sort of intelligent but they got me on this one. I checked everything to ensure that I would not be charged anything but the shipping & handling for the "sample" products. Received these dinky little jars on May 8th and then on May 15 was charged $92.99 and $92.97.

  • May 4, 2017

I saw an ad for an eye cream that looked interesting. I went to the site that offered a sample of the eye and skin cream for free, just pay postage. So I thought why not try it, it may work.

I placed the order on March 23th and payed with my credit card. I recieved conformation that my order had shipped on the 25th. Got my small bottles in the mail a few days later.

I thought nothing of it until I got my credit card statement this month that said I was charged 185.00 for those 2 little bottles on April 7th. I did not reorder these creams.

I called the company, only to be told that this was just a trial and if I had not returned the creams in 15 days from the time I placed the order, then I had to pay the full price of the product. So they billed me for the samples they sent me. He told me to go read the fine print on the web page. I can not find it on the page I saved on my computer, and it takes my to a new product every time I click on it to read more.

This is a rip off. The web site I was on, made no mention of a cost of $92,99 and $92.97 per bottle if I did not return the unused portion. I looked for a price for the product, so that if I did like it, I could reorder it, but could not see it.

Now when you go to this site and click on buy this product, it takes you to a different product. This is a scam and I want my money back. I am even willing to send back their not so free sample.

  • May 12, 2017

True Skin Scam

I too responded to an online offer of 30 day FREE trial for Skinrenu & Beautifullyrosy from same San Diego company. Just pay shipping and handling the ad said, which I did. In less than 15 days after receiving products I was charged $202.70 for the products. I called Customer Support and was given a lot of double talk about how I hadn't responded in time, I hadn't read the terms & conditions (which I can't find) that free meant I wouldn't have to pay for product up front (before they shipped). This is a true scam and/ or misrepresentation.

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