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Troy Payne

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver

Troy Payne Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2016

Troy Payne is a licensed public claims adjuster in St Petersburg, FL and Denver, CO. Troy hires sales people to get signed agreements from home and business owners who have had a property loss from fire, wind or water. He has 3 people that I know of that he didn't pay, one to the tune of over $50,000. He has been fired by several home owners because he doesn't answer phone calls or tend to the cases of the insurance losses.

The home owners are bound by law that once they hire a public adjuster, they can't speak to their own insurance company again, the public adjuster is the only one that can. Then Troy waits for the first check to come from the insurance company, (usually the largest that will come) and drops off the face, basically taking the money and running. He doesn't return phone calls or e mail and spends his time sometimes 50/50 between FL and CO. So he's screwing over the people that do work for him and the people who have trusted him to do what the states of FL and CO have licensed him for. He's nothing but a thief and liar and possibly a drunk. He lives with his 'girlfriend' in a very expensive home in the south metro Denver area. He's possibly taking her for a ride too. Scum.

Don't hire him, don't work for him!!! Complain to the insurance commission of either state you might be in if you've had trouble with him, both states are gathering info on him to take his license away. He drives a Range Rover, has a Harley and boasts of his $400 leather shoes and has a pen he said he paid $800 for. Now what kind of fool would spend $800 on a writing utensil?!?!?! Report him!!! Don't do business with him!!! Certainly don't trust your home or life's collections with, he will cost you money with the insurance companies, not the opposite like he promises. He screwed people in the Windsor tornado losses too.

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