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Tropicana Village Mobile Home

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 5900 W. Tropicana Avenue
Phone 702-876-2296

Tropicana Village Mobile Home Reviews

  • May 8, 2017

To whom it may concern -

Yesterday - May 3rd 20017 - I was informed by the prospective buyers of the home I have for sale located in Tropicana Village at 5900 W. Tropicana Ave - that the Manager when told that they had agreed to buy my home - in my absence and without notice - did an impromptu cursory inspection of my trailer. He then returned to them and told them that I had illegally closed in the front porch and also illegally built a small back deck. Both up grades would have to be torn out and that in that case they should pay no more than $12,000,00 for the house.

His little inspection act was not necessary as he was very much aware of what I had built over the years. He never even intimated to me at any time that I needed a permit - which I suspect is a bogus claim. Because he did not tell me - I can only conclude that with the passing of time - the upgrades are now considered legal.

I have lived here for 3 years - and when I came here I asked HIM if I could store items under the car port - he said no that I would have to close it in- with no mention of permits. I and the previous owner who was renting a room from me - asked if we could go to his dump behind the park and get some materials to build a small deck on the back side entrance. He said yes and allowed me and the former owner's friend who had a pick-up truck to go over to the dump and collect enough material to build the deck. His maintenance man helped us load the lumber and what-not. He saw it being constructed back then. The former owner will verify this. He made no mention of a permit then - now he claims it is illegal and needs to be removed.

Similarly - he watched from afar while passing by the house for years as I enclosed the front porch and constructed a small storage room on the back half of the porch. At no time over the years did he ever have the consideration nor the common decency to apprise me of the fact that I needed a permit to upgrade the porch. Because he in no way told me that I was in violation - I continued to finish the construction - never thinking that I was doing anything wrong. That has been over a period of almost 3 years. I think he had ample time to tell me I needed a permit.

Now he has- in one swift inspection- adjudged all my work null and void to be removed and destroyed.

He has also cost me $7000.00 in profit because of his rash judgment.

  • May 8, 2017

If you are looking for a place where the manager has complete control and the owners are only interested in the money they collect from the space rent. He is verbally abusive and constantly threatens to call the police if you ask him a question that makes him unconfortable to answer. He is very abusive to seniors in the park. One of his favorite scams is to tell the senior that they did not pay their rent. He comes up with new scams every day and gets away with most because the Mobile Home Divison in Las Vegas, NV does not want to do the job they were hired to do. If you still want to move into this park you will be living with many illegals ( which he wants in the park because he can intimidate them easier) He doesn't check who moves into the park so there are more than a few sex offenders living here in the park Good luck!

We have been harassed by the manager for over 3 years. In the begining it was 10 day eviction notices for having too much stuff in our backyard. We would clean up and he would find something else to complain about. His attitude was horrible. He would avoid you if you had something that you wanted to ask him.. For the past 2 years he has hasseled us about back rent. He came up with an amount that varies every month. We brought our spreadsheet with the amounts and check and money order numbers to show him that we have no missed a payment. Over time we asked to see what payments we have missed. He will not show us but he does move his jacket so that you can see his pistol. He then asks you to leave the office. We have gone to a lawyer and none so far will take a case aainist him The Mobile Home division is not concerned with his behavior. The owners office is in Torrence, CA. Two days a week the corporate office is open from 10 am to 3pm. They just want the money and they say the reason they hired a manager for the property is to handle problems. They will not acknowledge anything to do with the managers attitude. We feel we have been ripped off for the amount of $1,900. We believe he has kept that money and has never given us a receit that included the extra money we have paid toward unpaid rent. If anyone know who can help us we would appreciate a response.

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