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Tropical Garcinia

Country United States
State Alabama

Tropical Garcinia Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2016

This vendor provides links and popups to get you to their website The bait is an offer for a free trial for$4.95 shipping. If you follow the links, you never actually see their website They create an account and agree to their "terms" for you (or,to you) then bill for $4.95. They wait for about a week & ship your trial bottle. Then, in about 1 week; they bill for the value of the so called trial, saying that the terms of agreement you supposedly broke. Even though you never saw their website.

Then, in another month they automatically ship you ANOTHER bottle and rob your bank again for yet ANOTHER $89.94. I talked to brandy, crystal, and leo and tom They refuse to put things in writing, and when they do; its a bunch of balogna, cause they still havent given all of my money back. Its been 2 months. FRANKLY, I recorded and kept invoices, emails, and voice mails and filed complaints with every entity that FTC recomended. There are plenty of vendors who sell tropical garcinia, but beware : it comer in quantities from DietPlus to be resold. Don't mess with these criminals

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