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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Jun 13, 2018

David from Real Closers group on facebook for realtors is running a scam called Trendalu. I signed up for a free trial that took my credit card. I have been getting zero leads and they keep charging me! Whenever I call, this guy with a thick accent gives me the run around. Trendalu is a huge scam and the more research I do, I find out David Albanese is CON ARTIST. We work hard for our clients and being an Agent is not easy! We don't need predators like David and Trendalu stealing our hard earned money

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  • Jan 27, 2019

David Alabanese is a scam artist

I paid David Albanese for a service called EzLeads. He took my payment over the phone and never provided me with a receipt or invoice. I paid $400 for 20 leads and access to their CRM software. They told me that I could call the leads at anytime but that would mess their system up since they use automatic scripts to send messages, email, and phone calls to qualify these leads and schedule appointments for me. They delivered 13 leads. They made two appointments for me with leads they said were verified and that they spoke to. However, when I called those people they said they don’t know what I was talking about and that they did not ask to be contacted. So I called a few more of the leads and all the ones I spoke to said they never signed up to be contacted. Again, they told me their system was designed to contact these people and to ”trust” them to qualify and filter the leads. Their CRM software stopped following up with the leads and didn’t put them back on the automatic message system after I told them to correct that multiple times. The core functions of the CRM website used to organize the leads did not work. It wouldn’t let me leave voice mails or send MMS. After spending weeks and weeks asking David to fix the system he offered to give me a refund. I said, well can’t you just fix this and start over? He said yes but 10 days went by and nothing was done so I asked him for a refund, which he agreed to. I have a screenshot of David Albanese saying he would refund me my money on 2 occasions but he never did. He has since blocked me on Facebook and shows no signs of refunding me the money he said that he would. Since this he has closed down all his websites and changed his phone numbers.

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