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TREND Financial

Country Canada
City Etobicoke, Ontario
Address 70 Disco Rd #200
Phone 416-907-8286

TREND Financial Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2016

After communicating with a employee of this company for 2 weeks, was told that a deal was made, just needed to put 2500 dollars down. After several confirmations via email, I made trip from Ottawa to Toronto.

Arrive to office of this place, left waiting for 3-4 hours, only for this guy who told me 2500 down, all of a sudden needed 4500 down. I said no, im outta here, as I went there with a back up plan at another dealership, but this truck was what I wanted. When I told him I was outta here, he said wait....wait, Ill work on it. 2 hours later comes out and says ok, got it done, lets sign documents. Brings me up to a room, starts recording, and hurridly runs me through signing these documents, was told needs to be done fast so truck can get plated that day. Was told my payment would be 523 a month.

Recive "welcome package" in mail, open it up, says right there on a card, your payment is 523 a month. Didnt look through it, cause I had no reason to as I just signed documents. Well low and behold first payment is 800 dollars, I call and they say, well you signed a promissory note. I said no I didnt, turns out they forged a document for a additional 2000 dollars, and claim that my signature on a random page, NOT THE PROMISSORY NOTE ITSELF, is me signing off on it. The gull, and the brazeness of how they did this is astonishing.

Call and speak with people, ask for documents, ask to get pay date changed, they say, ya, ya ya, and then dont follow through on it, I have honestley never have seen such complete lack of disregard in busniess in my life.

Ask for the recording of when I signed the documents, refused to give it to me. ALL OF THIS CAN AND WILL BE PROVEN, I have documents, and a representative who cant even contact people himself, E-MAILS bouncing back as if the people have blocked you.

Ive contacted legal counsel, and this is beyond cut and dry and possible criminal charges will be filed. i was told, so stay tuned folks, this company is going to be exploited for the shadiness, lying, criminal activites is been doing, and is known for.

Web is littered of horror stories, where there is smoke there is fire. And if I get a rebutt saying, Im lying, or there is no truth/im not a client, I WILL POST EMAILS, DOCUMENTS AND MATERIALS.

  • Dec 14, 2015

I purchased a Ford Diesel F350 pickup truck from Trend Financial and it was a complete disaster. I had 50% down payment for the vehcile, and it still meant nothing. The sales person was so incompetant that the lease had to be signed a total of 5 different times because of the constant errors. This process took over an hour.

The company took over 3 weeks to prepare the vehcile for delivery and it was in horrible condition and plagued with problems. These included:

Missing parts of the vehcile (hand grips in the cab, buttons in the cab, etc.)

Leaking diesel fuel

non-stop beeping in cab

Airbags malfunctioning

back-up sensors malfunction

steering wheel missing buttons

cruise control not working

marker lights malfunctioning

The company stated they would get the vehicle repaired and expected me to drive 240km to get the service completed. I did so once, and was advised it would take another 2 trips to get the repairs completed.

The company insisted I drive a vehicle with malfunctioning airbags, and marker lights not working 240km at my own expense to get any repairs done. The company repeatedly said in their opinion, a truck with malfunctioning airbags and marker lights out was not unsafe to drive. The MTO's regulations did not seem to apply to them.

They offered an incredible slap-in-the-face $200.00 "pay off" to get the incredible long list of repairs done on the truck. The local Ford dealer wanted $180.00 just to look at the vehicle as it is in such rough condition.

Vehciles sold by this company should be in safe operating condition before they are sold, and there are garages closer than a 240km trip to thier "authorised" garage.

Do not lease from Trend Financial, they will take your money and sell you a piece of garbage, gamble with your life, and make you spend hundreds of dollars in fuel costs to get anything done.

  • Nov 28, 2015

I contacted this company on the recomendation of a friend and looked at thier inventory. I made contact with the company and inquired about two vehicles. I was informed that the one was in better shape and condition then the other and I was persuaded to choose one over another. So figuring the gentleman knew something I did not, and was really looking out for me, I went with his recomendation. I picked up the vehicle and was told that they replace parts if they are even close to needing replaced, that it was easier and better for the image of the company, and if I have any issues within the 36 days they would find a garage for me to get it repaired at. This impressed me, the openess and honesty and the commitment to satisfaction. The drive home I notice a sound or couple of sounds. I take it in to a garage and they tell me what it is and Yes Trend okayed the work and it was fixed. The mechanic being thourough checks out the vehicle and calls me and informs me that there are issues that should never have passed a safety, issues that make it unsafe and could have caused me to get hurt. There were things unethical and were diliberetly done and overlookd that never should have been. I am waiting to see what happens....will update this once I know.

  • Aug 17, 2015

In December of 2014 I had a no fault accident, My insurance company extended my rental for 2 weeks during Christmas which worked out to 1 week with all the holidays. I found a vehicle in a rush. It took trend over a week to get paper work in order. By that time I had missed a whole week of work. When they called me in to sign they were suddenly in a hurry, telling me they apologize for taking so long but know well get you all done so you can pick up your car. Well basically im not happy with the car and have notified the dealership. Trend has no trade in program for me to get another car I have to buy out existing lease. The trade in value of this vehicle at best is 2500$ the buy out is 6200$ this leaves to much negative equity to hide in another car by the time the term of there lease is done I will have paid 9900$ for a vehicle that'll be worth 500$. How do they get away with it. Tyler babcock offered a buyout of 5850$ a month ago when I went to a new dealership and found a new car I got in touch with him regarding buyout of 5850$ his reponse was that it was a one day one time offer, when I told him what I thought of their business practices in an email. Days later I asked him another question in an email only to find out I've been blocked. What a spineless jacka**.

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