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Travis Body & Trailer, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 13955 FM 529
Phone (855) 679-0809

Travis Body & Trailer, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 20, 2021

Charles (Bud) Hughes is a pathological liar, a thief, con artist womanizer who is not to be trusted. For years I have watched this guy con people out of their hard earned money. While, he goggles every woman he see's (when wife not present).

He is a slimy, distgusting person. Do not do business with this man. He will lie, cheat and steal (while smiling the whole time).

There is a special place in hell, for people like this. My wife, told me to never to leave her alone with him. I asked why honey ? He says the most blunt obvious statements, when alone with other women. Likes to be called Mr. President ? Told my wife this ??? WTH is that supposed to mean ? She demanded, never to leave her alone with ever again.

Bud, is about as smart as a box of crayons. But, to hear him speak about himself........He actually thinks he is a genius. He travels, without the wife to meet up with some real skanks I hear.

Either way, our last deal, he took me for 5 grand. Never again.

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