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Traveling Mailbox, LLC

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 2030 W Baseline Rd #182-1234
Phone 1-855-749-1737

Traveling Mailbox, LLC Reviews

  • Nov 2, 2016

Having been a customer for one year, I recently logged in to renew my subscription for another year. A few days later I got slapped with 2-3 charges for a few dollars from Traveling Mailbox. No explanation or messages inside my account showing what these were for. I disputed the charges with my credit card and meanwhile their Philipino remote customer service informs me those were charges for some mail items apparently stored from several months ago. Later on, I get an email saying my account has been suspended. I send back several emails to Travis and Mike with no response from either. I call several times (from another time zone) and leave messages - no calls are returned.

Finally, I reach them on the phone and within the first five minutes Mike tells me they can reactivate my account if I pay the $1-2 dollar fees I disputed + $15 for each disputed amount. Then he magically disconnects and I call back. Now he tells me he has talked to his buddy Travis and they have unanimously decided they aren't willing to reactivate my account. "You can find another vendor," he says. Great, Mike, thanks for the advice! Can you forward me my mail for the past 3 months which I haven't been able to access all this time despite paying you $150? "No, actually we will just return that to the sender." So I have lost 3 months of mail because these two rednecks were displeased with me for submitting a credit card dispute. Horrible communication and complete unwillingness to accept any responsibility!

Even assuming this was entirely my fault, at the very least I think a customer deserves access to his mail. I live abroad and clearly they were just trying to inconvenience me in order to get their revenge for the disputes.

  • Mar 29, 2016

We receieved an email that a package had arrived to us. Then another email they had charged us $10. Then, another email that the parcel was being retained as it was addressed wrong. (it wasnt- it was exact to address they specified- but see other complaint here about them!!!)

To this day- they have retained our package, which had a customers returnd merchandise in it- all they had to do at the very least, is refuse it and the post office would redeliver at no fee, back to sender, the customer-

- not answer any emails for 3 weeks, asking why they dont send parcel back-

Avoid this shady company. We are filing federal charges- retaining mail that is not yours, is not legal.

Do not give these clowns your business- find a more reputable mail forwarder- they have no morals in any way, and keeping merchandise when addressed to another company is disgusting- and lack of service- it doesnt exist! Auto replies ONLY to emails- refuses to answer.

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