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Travel Visa Pro

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 2021 Fillmore Street
Phone 1-415-229-3210

Travel Visa Pro Reviews

  • Sep 21, 2017

STOP!! PLEASE READ!!! This company is a scam. I totally should have read the negative reviews before I came here. First of all they are extremely overpriced when compared to other visa companies in the area, but monies not an issue for me so I thought you get what you pay for so I'll go with the best. Terrible idea. I go to the office meet with the nice young lady. She had me fill out the paperwork and then send over my flight itinerary along with hotel confirmation. I completed my visa application extremely detailed leaving nothing out. I came on a Wednesday and paid for expedited service to have my passport delivered to me Friday, because my trip to China was Monday at 11:30 AM which they knew because they require my flight information. On Friday I call in the morning to see what time I can pick up the passport,

The lady was not in the office. In the afternoon I get a call that The Chinese consulate needs hand written letter stating that I will be staying in Hong Kong and traveling to China. Information remind you that I had already clearly put on the visa application. I leave my meeting write the letter signed and sent it over. She said she was going to email this to the consulate. I get a call back saying that they are not going to complete my application today it will not be ready until Monday. I have a flight at 11:30 AM Monday so I'm freaking out. The lady calls me and tells me that if I pay an extra $200 the consulate will open up at 8:30 AM she'll get the visa and bring it to me at the airport. I am irritated that I have to pay another $200 on top of the $429 but I have no options because I cant cancel my flight to China or rescheduled it, which this company knew very well. So long story short I get my visa Monday at the airport and it has an issue date of Friday. So I think to myself wait why does the visa say issue date is Friday if the lady said they couldn't do it Friday it would have to be issued Monday morning at 8:30 AM. I politely sent over an email asking for them to clear it up. And all of the sudden I'm a bad guy I am causing problems I should be grateful that they brought it to the airport what's my problem, I should be thankful that they did my visa and if this is a small investment for a 10 ye visa. I say look I'm not trying to cause a problem I just need to see any type of documentation that the counselor requested an additional letter for me or that they require an additional $200 in order to get my visa early.

That's it... they said they didn't have anything there was no email from the counselor even though she said she was going to email it to them wait for a Reply. I drop it because I'm not really worried about the money, I said you know what if they need $200 that bad they can have it. So I go to Hong Kong travel to China my first day no issues. The next day I return to China and I'm stopped at customs because my 10 year visa is actually only a one visit visa. Un freaking believable. So now I have to pay an additional $130 to be able to enter China on my second day. I called speak with several people scam travel visa pro and guess what, everything is my fault sorry not sorry. I own several small businesses and I understand how hard it is to survive so I never leave bad reviews. But I can't sit back while this company is running scams on every day working people that might not have an extra $130 Pay for a visa that they already pay $630 for. Now I have to go back to China next week and I do not have a Chinese visa lol. Guess where I won't be going to get my new visa

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