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Travel Services Group

Country United States
State Florida
City Palm Springs
Address 1732 S. Congress Ave. Suite 360
Phone 1-866-363-0888

Travel Services Group Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2017

never Never NEVER deal with this group. They roped my husband into purchasing their travel package. He is elderly and was trained to never hang up the phone on anyone. On top of that at the time it was the beginning of his dementia. His voice was very obviously elderly but that does not bother these people. When the package arrived I asked him about it and he said they called he told them no lots of times and the only way they could get him off the phone was to just buy it. We are on a fixed income. We are unable to travel and do not want to travel. So that money was wasted. That was obviously frustrating but now is even worse. The package was unused so now they have been calling us for months. The first time I said that we were not going to use it and to not call us again but they said they were going to "save" that investment for us by selling us new extension on the package. I said that we cannot travel and do not wish to travel, we are on a Do Not Call list and reiterated to not call us again. About the 3rd time I told them that, they finally said they would remove us from their list and they would not call again. Well, since that time they have been calling us continually--it has become virtually a daily occurrence and some days it twice, sometimes even the same person the same day! Every time it's the same spiel. Every time it is the same interruptions. Every time they tell you they will remove you from their list and won't call again. Tonight I got the name and employee number--Matt Dahl #715 although I have a rather hard time even believing that! I called back and asked for the on-duty supervisor. The person on the phone (I did not get his name--my mistake!) said he was the supervisor. I tried to tell him my story about the current calls (I wasn't even complaining about the original purchase) and the interruptions--guess what--he interrupted me to tell me that obvious that they did let us talk because we had purchased the package and it is all paid for and that this is not a solicitation call because it is an account service call so they are entitled to call even though we are on a Do Not Call list. But I can feel better now... He said they would remove us from their list and not call back. But I'm not holding my breath.

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