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Travel Centers of America

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Erie
Address 4050 Depot Rd
Phone 814-899-1919

Travel Centers of America Reviews

  • Jul 23, 2019

In November of 2004 I almost died with the disease diabetic I had to stop driver my semi-truck. To paying my bills in 2005 I have to start working. So I try my best to work for Travel Centers of America inside the truck mechanic shop working on semi-trucks. After working for a month I noticed that my health condition wasn't getting better and the work was hurt me.

I called my manager at the Travel Centers of America letting him know. He didn't like my reason for not returning to work so he put out a lie saying I didn't call him. Now his lie have been held over my head for 14 years and it's keep me from being hired by Travel Centers of America company.

In July 2019 I applied to work for Travel Centers of America. I was told by manager Larry I can start on 7/23/19. On 7/22/19 I was called by Larry saying he couldn't hire me now because I been flagged by the Travel Centers of America not to be hired. Why is this company still holding on to this lie keeping a good from working.

  • Jul 1, 2016

I had just replaced my ac compressor/dryer/freon at travel centers of america winfield wv 3 months prior to this disaster happening at a cost of 1000.00. AC was working great but i was doing my daily pretrip when i noticed my pulley on my compressor looked like it was bent wobbling so i pulled into ta erie to have it checked out.. Explained my issue with mr vehec he had his mechanic check it out he showed me it wasnt the pulley bent it was the crankshaft so the compressor needed replaced under warranty..

So his mechanic drained freon replaced compressor/dryer and recharged system only to start truck ran acouple minutes their new compressor locked up.. it was junk and now they informed me they didnt have another compressor would have to drive down to kingsville oh location to get another one..

Another 2hrs later mechanic drains system puts another compressor on my trk. calls me to tell me im ready to go start truck ac isnt working the mechanic put my lines on backwards so here we go again drain/recharge finally ac seem to be working fine but couldnt really tell now because it has cooled off its been apprx 7 hrs and its dark.

Now 3 wks later im on my to fl to make del orlando its only 100 degrees and the compressor quits.. I call mr timothy vehec about the issue and im on my way to freightliner lake city fl to get it checked out no problem according to him have them call him will take care of it!!

But not the way this went down freightliner found the compressor to have the housing was busted and my system was full of metal from front to back. both expansion valves /condensor everything was full of metal it all had to be replaced at a tune of 3000.00 and 4days later before i got my truck back.

Mr timothy vehec assured me it would b taken care of but had to get the parts to the jacksonville fl ta for them to chk out and freightliner would warranty the parts but not the story!

MR ALLEN LINTZ the ta truck service manager would have to approve the repairs i was told but this guy could care less im out 350.00 motel bill lost 3500.00 in revenue because i had to cancel my previous lds and it cost me 3000.00 to get my truck out of freightliner!!!

And ever since ta bought out petro their customer service dept are no help whatsoever they just dont care if their shops stand behind their warranties or not pretty sad!! I wouldnt recommend getting anything major done at their locations

I was spending 65000 to 70000 a yr on fuel and another 5-6000 on tires oil changes etc exclusively but i can tell u theres other places that will appreciate my business and stand behind their warranties..

Its a shame too more of their locations dont take after HOMER HOGGE their main shop technical advisor very intelligent and knowledgeable man i have learned alot by listening to him on xm.. BUT most of what i have seen of late they are lacking in qualified techs and the longer they take the more the can charge u whether they fix right or not..

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