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Travco Enterprises

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City York
Address 1935 Security Dr
Phone 717-741-5163

Travco Enterprises Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2018

I would like to preface this letter by telling you I have owned a Kirby vacuum cleaner for fifteen years using it off and on in addition to using a smaller, more lightweight vacuum. Knowing there’s little resale value, I keep the Kirby mostly as a spare. I would like to share my recent encounter with Travco Enterprises. They are based in both York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They are a distributor of Kirby vacuum cleaners. In the hopes that no one will have to endure what I went through, I am sharing my story. I answered a knock on my door. A Kirby sales associate told me I could get my carpet cleaned for free and see the new Kirby at work. I told her I didn’t want my carpets cleaned and didn’t want to purchase a new vacuum. She said if I didn’t agree to the presentation she wouldn’t get a thirty-five-dollar bonus or a chance to win a trip. I told her I already have a Kirby and that I didn't want to buy another one. I removed my Kirby from the closet next to the front door and said I have one right here and I didn’t want to buy a new one.

She said that mine looked old and asked if she could see it. I allowed her to come in in, still telling her I didn’t want my carpets cleaned and that I’m not in the market to buy a new one. We looked at the vacuum’s accessories and she told me what some of the attachments could be used for. Next, she got out her phone, and dialed a number (Nick’s number) and said, "We’re in”. Again, I repeated "I don’t want my carpets cleaned and I don’t want to sit through the pressure-loaded presentation. I asked the female associate if she was going to do the cleaning or someone else. She said it would be another associate. I asked her if she could do it and she said no. Next Nick shows up with another man, Darius. Without a knock on the door or using the doorbell, they both came barging in. Again, I made my negative statement, "I don’t want my carpets cleaned and I don’t want to purchase a new vacuum.” Nick then took the female associate out to the car leaving Darius with me. At this time Darius starts to set up.

I asked him if he would just leave and we could say he did the presentation. Darius said that wouldn’t be ethical. Nick came back into my home and yet again I repeated that I didn’t want the carpets cleaned and I wasn’t interested in their presentation. At this point, Nick gets mad and started yelling for Darius to pack up. "'We don’t need this kind of customer” were his words. Once again, between Nick’s ranting, I reminded both of them I didn’t want the vacuum or the presentation. "Why did you let her in your house?” Nick yells quite loudly now. I said she asked to see my old Kirby and I allowed her to come in and look at it, but not with any agreement of a presentation or carpet cleaning., We agreed to go out to his car and verify whether she was just in my home to check out my old Kirby or for someone to clean my carpets and do the presentation.

As the two of us let my home and walked down my driveway, Nick started loudly screaming, "Stay away from my associate.” Nick got in the car and took off. I found out later the female associate was crying because I repeatedly said I do not want my carpets cleaned. I went back in the house where Darius continued to pack up. He apologized to me left and right for Nick’s poor behavior. I told him, he wasn’t to blame, but he should find a new representative. I requested a phone number for Kirby. The only contact information available was a web site on a box. I took the web address as that was all that was available. I thought perhaps they might have a business card, but that wasn’t a possibility. I looked up the web site and found a phone number. With all this information fresh on my mind, I was anxious to speak with a customer service representative. This was to no avail as the offices were closed on Saturday. Returning from my office, there’s pounding on my front door. This was actual pounding, not knocking.

When I opened the door, Nick was there screaming, "Where is Darius? Where is Darius?” I told him Darius had left. At this time, I was escorting Nick off my property and Nick continues to yell that he was going to report me as a sex offender and a pervert perhaps because I had asked her if she could clean the carpet rather than one of the other associates. Nick continues to yell and continued to call me a pervert multiple times. I live in a development where the homes are close. I’m sure my neighbors could hear him repeating his ugly slurs. I was totally embarrassed as they drove off, just wondering what my neighbors were thinking. Monday, June 25, I called the Travco Enterprise and was able to talk to the owner, Travis Wyble who was expecting my call. He told me I was at fault for their unprofessional attitude. He called me a liar and continued the conversation with threats that he was going to call the police and report me for sexual harassment. He also said I had sexually assaulted the female associate by asking her if she would be the one cleaning the carpets. My next call was to the Kirby Company.

Although they listened to my story, they weren’t in the least bit interested. They asked what I wanted. I really wanted Nick fired for the way he treated me, but they can’t do anything about that because he is employed by Travco. They offered to contact Travco for their side of the story. Kirby called back the next day and told me what Mr. Wyble said had happened. His story was one lie after another and also said he did apologize for his associate’s actions. I guess after Mr. Wyble called me a liar, said it was all my fault and constantly threatened me, I must have missed that apology. Kirby said, "Cased closed.” To summarize this Travco Enterprise experience, I would say the three employees were extremely unprofessional, they don’t understand the word, "no”, they have a tendency to lie and they don’t seem to care enough to apologize for their behavior. The owner, Travis Wyble, is one of the most unprofessional persons I have ever met. He also lies and tends to threaten prospective customers in an abusive manner. Kirby doesn’t seem to care about their customers and how poorly they are treated by these franchise associates; their interest seems to be in receiving franchise checks

  • Dec 31, 2016

Beware of TRAVCO they do not adhere to their contract

I purchased the Kirby vacuum under duress Thursday, December 1, 2016, from Brandon after meeting him in my driveway after a long day of work and medical testing. I informed him during his sales pitch that I had MS and I was not processing anything else he was telling me in his demo that had taken about 2 hours to long. He told me he was trying to take his girlfriend on a trip and if I wanted to cancel I had 3 days to do so per the contract.

Less than 2 hours after Brandon and his supervisor Jay left my home with my vacuum; I turned on the Kirby vacuum they had sold me and could not get it to work.

I called Travco @ 717-741-5163 and only got a voice mail that clicked and then beeped. In a panic I called United Consumer Financial Service Company to inform them that I had purchased the Kirby vacuum earlier and I wanted to cancel and I was afraid it did not work. The lady I spoke with was very nice and told me to send in my cancelation notice but to make sure to send it certified. I thanked her and let her know I was filling it out as we spoke and I asked if she could please make note in the computer that she and I had spoken, she said yes and also gave me the number to Kirby Consumer reports 1800-494-8586.

Friday, December 2, 2016, I took the cancelation to the post office and mailed it certified #70160910000064682455. I figured I would try and call the office again to let them know it was on the way and a woman answered. I let her know I wanted to cancel and she told me that Brandon and Jay were on their way to my home. Now this was at 11am. I told her they could come all they wanted but the certified letter is already in the mail. In the evening, Travis and Jay showed up to my home and the first thing out of my mouth was “great you came to pick this up”. Jay said “no Ms. Janelle we’re going to make sure you know how to work it”. After she turned a dial in the front of the machine and tried to use it, I asked her and Brandon to leave my home. My mother knowing of my condition was not happy nor was my husband. I asked Jay and Brandon to leave because I knew my cancelation notice was in the mail and I didn’t care to hear anything else Jay and Brandon had to say. I had an error in judgement purchasing the vacuum.

Days go by of me calling Travco being told people were on vacation and that no one had received my certified letter, and if they did they couldn’t get into the computer. After receiving a payment book in the mail from the finance company I called them to let them know what was going on and they told me they could not do anything until Travco received the cancelation notice and let them know it was accepted. I was assured that as long as I was in the time frame and did in fact send the cancelation certified there should be no issue. I gave them my tracking number and continued to wait.

Finally, Tuesday, December 27, 2016, I get a call from Travis himself telling me that my cancelation is illegal due to the fact that Jay and Brandon came back to my house 12/2. Travis is saying that I told his sales people I was going to keep the vacuum and I should have sent in a second cancelation notice. Travis say’s that by Brandon and Jay coming to my house the evening of 12/2 to drop of some bags and re-demo (which they did not have a chance to do because I told them to leave) I should have sent in another cancelation. I told Travis that what he was saying was not true and he continued to talk over me telling me what he had in his notes and that he would have to look at them again and call me back in a few hours.

After no call back from Travis I called the Kirby Consumer number I was given 1-800-494-8586 and spoke with Monica. I explained to her what was going on and she took my tracking # from my certified letter, looked it up on her computer and saw that in fact my certified letter was received at the front desk of Travco on December 5th. Monica told me she would send Travis an email for him to return my vacuum and pick up the Kirby.

Today, December 30, 2016, I just hung up with Monica letting her know I had now heard from Travis. She told me that he sent me a letter in the mail and I should receive it today. She says there is nothing else she can do because Travco is saying that I agreed to keep it and I should wait to see what the letter says. She told me it would be in my mail today. I called the Travco Company and was told no one was in the office but the young lady I spoke to does see a letter was mailed out and I should receive it today. At this point they are in breach of the contract. The 10 days has expired for them to return my vacuum and now the 20 days has expired for them to pick up this Kirby.

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