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Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Phone 678-640-6610

TransZcenter Reviews

  • May 31, 2018

I answersd an ad for Frieght Brokers, work from home,. Being Disabled with a strong transportation backround I thought this could work!

First I have to say if this was indeed a scam it was very well put togeather. Mr. Collier was very professional in his approach, answered all the questions and having the backround I have he seemed to be legitamate.

I went through the paces, attended webinars, participated in Q and A at the end, and to be honest, I thought this would be a go. When asked about sending money to get the "software" needed to start I had little hesitation. What they asked for and the reasons for it seemed right on for a venture such as this.

Shortly after sending money, Milton became a little harder to contact. My questions about phone systems and software systms necessary to operate from home went unanswered.

Even though the money was refundable obviously it was not.

Shame on me, but a lesson learned, granted it was a $200.00 lesson but I did lern

I don't know what ever became of this TranZcenter or any of the offshoots from it. They are nowhere to be found.

Sure I could use the money I gambled but I also know I did loose it.

I hope as talented as this clown his it all catches up with him some day.

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