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Transport Reviews

Country United States
State Alaska

Transport Reviews Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2016

DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE!! They are scam-supporters and purposely REMOVE any and all negative reviews if they do not meet some impossible-to-meet standard of guideline. I provided to them all of the documentation I had to prove I had been doing business with said company and to prove my statements regarding the horrible customer service I received was true. However, Transportreviews turned around and said I need to provide them with more documentation... it seemed to me as if they would NEVER be appeased no matter what I sent them (Even if I sent them birth certificates of everyone who worked at the company, LOL).

It seems as if they are just using the "documentation" EXCUSE for taking off negative reviews and PROTECTING companies that are rude, scamming or just plain shady... giving those company FALSE POSITIVE BOOSTS. Makes me think they are protecting companies that LINE THEIR POCKETS? I'm sure there is a monetary exchange somewhere in there!

If you doubt me, look at the reviews for "" over on Yelp and other sites and you can see they have done this ALOT to many people... it's a disturbing trend to protect those BAD COMPANIES!

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