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Transport Funding, LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address P.O Box 7247-0360
Phone 1-800-562-9265

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  • Oct 12, 2015

My company asked me to update my truck so on there recommendation I when to Arrow truck sales and was looking at a very nice kw t660 2012 with APU. 63,000 in my price range. My company loans up two 6,000 buck to help get the best truck you can. If in good standing with the company.

That was good with Arrow but NOT Transport funding thay said that getting money for the down payment was very bad in there eyes and I should look at a different truck. maybe in a lower pirce range like 56,000. And Arrow had trucks in that range.

So I look at the truck thay had and was geared up for a newer truck I pick a 2010 international prostar for 56,000. how lucky for me it was the best of the 3 trucks thay had. Did the paper work and payed for a 100,000 mile engine warranty for 6,000 more. The first month was good and just after 35 days the door fell off. and the truck started to go down hill.

How I have all the reseats for the repair that was done to the truck.

5 mouths into this year the engine went out and need a inframe but the warranty only did half of it and left me with a 7,000 dollar bill and 3 weeks down with hotel bills and food.. that was -4,500 buck on my paycheck that I had to payback for I got a paycheck. and I needed to get it done as the truck bad fuel millage like 1 to 2 mpg and using oil 2 to 3 gallons every 2,000 miles and no power.

I had a hard time pulling an empty trl to the shop. so then I was in the shop I was 1 month behind on my truck payment and then as I got out the shop it was 2 month behind. By the time I have paid my company back the 4.500 buck to get a paycheck I was 3 month behind. I started making payments of 500 buck a week until the truck broke down again. I got the truck back out the shop and was going to start making payments again.

But I hit a post I had a very bad flu at the time and wood not have been driving but I had to get the money as transport funding was on the phone daily asking for money. got the truck back and the next week on a dark south Dakota hwy I hit a cow took out the hole front end of my truck.

In 8 mouths I paid 24,203 dollars in repairs on top of the warranty paying 12,997 dollars then the engine went out. That's 37,201 in 8 mouths in just repairs.

after sitting 30 days in a hotel. And now being 4 mouths behind the shop did a great job fixing it and transport funding had the Insurance check sent to them. Then thay Told the shop not me the shop thay was reoping the truck and I have to get my stuff out of it...

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  • Jan 26, 2016

it is a scam

Trasport fund is a scam. Trash customer service. They should not be in business.

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