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Country United States
State Colorado
City Aurora
Address 3131 S Vaughn Way, Suite 350
Phone 888.845.9457

TransFirst Reviews

  • Oct 11, 2018

I told their sales representative I did not want a "hard inquiry" on my credit. He lied and said it would be a "soft pull". It was not. My credit got hit and pulled my score down. On top of that I was denied even though I have good credit. They are "resellers" for for merchants but don't believe anything they say. They are liars. I can't believe any company would take a chance with these people. If I would have known I'd never had let them submit my application. Don't do business with them. They say the are the bank's representative since I went through my local bank who I had my business acount with and thougth the rep was part of the bank. They are not part of the bank. They are separate from the bank. Supreme liars! There customer service representatives are rude and uncooperative when you call and told me I should have known and it was "my fault". So, it was my fault I was lied to and they will victimize you again. BEWARE of this company. Don't do business with them. Ask more questions before you submit an ap with anyone who says they are a representative of your bank. If it's merchant services chances are they are not part of your bank... such liars!!!

  • Jul 4, 2017 bevel credit card processing.... I signed up with bevel to process credit card transactions. I found them through an in ami magazine

  • Aug 10, 2016

Review your choices very carefully before selecting TransFirst located in Broomfield, Colorado. They are unethical and their fees are very high and they lock a business into a long contract. They are a blood thirsty company wanting to take as much money as possible once they have access to a business bank account.

I contacted them several times to cancel our merchant services account and their response was that I would have to pay them $ 500.00. They already are taking out excessive monthly fees already. This month they charged $ 67.75 for an unused account.

I advised them that Square is much better since their fees are less and they are very easy to use. They are also quick to process a merchant charge too.

The response I received from TransFirst was that "they are also very competitive." Beware this company is a Scam and they are sharks in sheeps clothing. Their sales team promises to give good rates on their services. Then once a business starts using the service the charges are excessive. Then additionally, their monthly fees are hiked up.

Their customer service department is not service minded to cancel their service for a dissatisfied business. Beware stay away from this company as others have discussed. This company is bad and unethical. They need to be reported to all consumer agencies.

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